[Question #6519] HIV Question’s

14 months ago
Hello Dr.’s,

How is HIV transmitted?
As a male with anal herpes (HSV-2), how is HIV transmitted?
How is someone with anal herpes (HSV-2) exposed to HIV?

Thank you.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
14 months ago

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HIV is transmitted ONLY through DIRECT, unprotected penetrative sexual contact with an infected person or through injection of infected material deep into tissue to cause infection. 

The presence of anal herpes slightly increases your risk for acquiring HIV if you participate in receptive rectal intercourse with an HIV infected sexual partner.  Even is this situation however the risk for infection is low, with probably about 1% of contacts leading to infection (i.e. 99% of episodes of receptive rectal intercourse with untreated, HIV infected contacts would not lead to infection).