[Question #6559] Lap Dance from totally nude dancer

16 months ago
I got a 30 minute lap dance three days ago. It was the same girl the entire time I was fully clothed. The stripper was totally nude. I touched her butt and kissed and licked her breasts a few times. She looked clean. One time I briefly rubbed just above her vagina and could feel stubble from her shaving. I didn’t touch her actual vagina and she said before the dance that was off limits. She did a lot of grinding on my jeans. I also saw her touch her vagina a few times. I mainly held her butt, rubbed her stomach and back and hair. It did feel like she has a scar or bum on one of her butt checks. I momentarily kissed her on the lips, and she pulled away. She said she didn’t want to get lip stick on me, but I think she was just being nice about me crossing the line. No tongue, basically kissed the bottom of her lower lip before she pulled away. I also held her hand at one point. I think I washed my hands afterwards before heading back to my hotel. My memory on that is fuzzy because I had been drinking. I was not fall down drunk, but had been drinking. I took a shower when I got back to the hotel. I was on a trip out of town so I had to wear the same jeans the next day until I could buy some new ones. I sprayed them with Lysol before I put them back on in the morning. Should I be concerned about contracting an STD from this encounter or get tested. I’m in a long term committed relationship. I’m feeling very worried and guilty. 
Biggest concerns:
1. Touching the stubble above her vagina
2. Kissing her briefly on her lips.
3. Kissing and licking her breast on and off
4. Putting my jeans back on the next morning after spraying them with Lysol
5. Hold her butt on and off for so long and the scar or bump

Should I get a full panel of tests. I’m extremely concerned avoutI’m a healthy 42 year old and had a full panel of tests done last year before dating my current girlfriend. I have only been with two women sexually in the past 18 years, my ex-wife and current girlfriend.

Thank you
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
16 months ago
Welcome to our Forum and thanks for your confidence in our service.  I'll be glad to comment.  The good news is that absolutely none of the activities you describe put you at any risk for HIV or other STIs.  I see no need for testing of HIV or other STIs.  Neither HIV nor STIs are transmitted through kissing Including kissing her breasts), through clothing or by touching with your hands.  Further, even if you contacted her vaginal secretions or got them on your clothes, there would be no risk for infection.  This was a zero risk event with no reason for concern of any sort.   EWH
16 months ago
Thank you for your prompt response doctor.  Have a nice weekend.