[Question #6631] Safe Practices

12 months ago
I recently had a sexual encounter with a person and would like to know if I put myself at risk for any STDs based on the following description of the activity: 

1. The person put their tongue on my balls and on the shaft of my penis. They then proceeded to give me a full blowjob, which was covered by a condom. I did not insert my penis into their mouth w/o the condom. 

2. The person licked around my anus but did not lick it directly. 

3. The person briefly penetrated my anus with their penis and it was only the tip of their penis. The insertion was not entire nor complete. They were wearing a condom. 

4. We kissed briefly with tongue. 

As I might consider continuing to see this person and potentially engaging in similar activity, please let me know about the above and how I can better protect myself in future. Thanks.  

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
12 months ago
Greetings and thanks for your confidence in our services. Very sorry for the long delayed reply; my fault entirely. Your fee will be credited.

With rare exceptions, STDs require unprotected (no condom) penetration for transmission. All the specific contact you describe were free of STD risk, or such low risk you ahouldn't worry and don't need testing. To your specific quesitons:

1. Mouth to skin contact is zero risk for all STDs. The skin of the penis and scrotum is no more risky for STDs than say your elbow or cheek. Condom protected oral penile sex is totally risk free as well.

2. Oral-anal contact is called analingus; or "rimming". STD transmission is uncommon with analingus. The main risk is to the oral partner, who could catch viral or other intestinal infections from the anal partner.

3. Even brief anal penetration is risk free with a condom. Any risk from anal sex will come only with unprotected penetration. But you should be aware that condoms do break sometimes, probably more commonly with anal sex than vaginal sex with women.

4. Kissing is risk free. There is current controversy about the possibility that gonorrhea of the throat may sometimes be transmitted by kissing, but I and most experts believe it never occurs, or so rarely it can be ignored. Certainly the brief kiss you describe is risk free.

You don't need any STD testing on account of the events described here. But before further contact with this person, if he has been sexually active with either male or female partners, why not ask him to be tested for common STDs? That should include gonorrhea/chlamydia testing of his urine, rectal swab, and throat swab, and blood tests for syphilis and HIV. If negative, you would know you won't be at risk, even if a condom breaks during sex. Even if you have not been at risk, perhaps he would also be reassured if you also were tested; you could attend a clinic together.

I hope these comments are helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear. Apologies again for the long delay in replying.