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13 months ago
Hello doctors,
After recent silly fears i am wondering, can i safely return for a non sexual massage to places that may offer other services? One masseuse was particularly good but i do not want to suffer fear every time I go. A bit red light and seedy, but if i stick to a simple massage, am I perfectly safe? Would like to return just for relaxatiin after sport. 
See a lot of posts similar to my previous but if one can rationalize, would still like a massage. Is there no fear of even hpv from a massage from a lady who probably regulalry gives handjobs? I mean, if you wanted a masssage yourself, would you go without a shadow of fear? 
I am 100% now that i was stupid but wonder should i go back if massage is good without fear.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
13 months ago
Repeating a comment from one of your earliter threads, plus the closing comment in the most recent one:

"Nobody catches any STDs by massage, hand-genital contact, or contact with infected fluids in the environment, e.g. on a massage table. It simply doesn't happen."

And yes, that includes HPV. I get massages from time to time. It never occurred to me to worry about any STD.

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