[Question #6771] Little hope

13 months ago
Dear Sir 

I am in lost and just looking for a little hope at the moment..

Please review my story sir.

Jan 27th, Had a sexual intercourse with chinese CSW in australia.
Given oral sex without the condom, did french kiss.
Wear protection (Condom) for  normal sexual intercourse for 10mins from the start till end.

Feb 3rd, fever / headache / bodyache / night sweat started.
Fever was around 37.5 for 2 days
Body ache was about a 5days
Night sweat was around 2weeks
Rash  on stomach area for a day
Fatigue / malaise was on and off

Feb 4th, went to ER, diagnosised viral infection
Had a CBC test result came out odd
-> white blood cell low
-> thrombocyte was low
-> glucose was high

HIV Test
21 days 4th generation ag/ab - negative
28 days  4th generation ag/ab - negative
28 days CBC test become normal
35 days 4th generation ag/ab - negative
42  days 4th generation ag/ab - negative
45 days  oraquick rapid test - negative
50 days  4th generation ag/ab - negative

i am so stupid and scared that didnt tell any info about this to the Doctor, the doctor told me not to come anymore for hiv test.

I am very scared at the moment and cant do my daily activity well.

What should i do at the moment sir.?
Do i need to wait until 12weeks to 24weeks?

Am i belongs to that 1 percent from 6 weeks conclusive test sir...?

Thank you and hope to your review sir.

Do i have a hope..

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
13 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.

One of the enduring, unequivocal truths about HIV and its risks, symptoms, and diagnosis is this:  The current HIV blood tests are among the most accurate diagnostic tests ever developed, for any medical condition. When done sufficiently long after the last possible exposure date, the results are 100% reliable. For the antigen-antibody (AgAb, 4th generation) blood tests, that time is 4 weeks for 98% reliability and 6 weeks for 100%. Negative results at that time overrule all other factors:  no matter how high the risk of HIV at the time of exposure, and no matter how typical the symptoms might be, the test result tells the truth.

Therefore, your AgAb test at 28 days was almost conclusive, and the last three (42, 45, and 50 days) prove you do not have HIV and that something else is causing your symptoms. Your doctor was correct in advising against more HIV tests. I agree your symptoms could be due to a viral infection, and the timing is consistent with your sexual exposure in January. Low WBC also is consitent with a virus. On the other hand, you had no significant fever (37.5C is not abnormal and not high enough to count as fever). Further, HIV is uncommon in CSWs in Australia and condoms work, so your exposure was very low risk for HIV -- and, because of the condom, any other STD. Sex is associated with high risk of infection with anything that either person might be carrying, not just STDs; any number of viruses other than HIV are potential considerations.

When did your CSW partner emigrate from China to Australia? If recent, COVID-19 (ovel coronavirus infection) might be a consideration. It's unlikely based on your symptoms, i.e. you don't mention sore throat or cough, and to my knowledge COVID-19 doesn't cause skin rash. And COVID-19 doesn't usually last more than 2-3 weeks.

I won't speculate further on possible causes. But for sure you do not have HIV and can stop worrying about it. Keep working with your doctor if your symptoms continue or you remain concerned.

I hope these comments are helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
13 months ago
You started an entirely new thread (unnecessarily) with these follow-up questions. My replies are below. 

It appears you did not read (or did not understand?) my replies above. The answers are there.

Dear sir

So then here comes my last questions.

1) do i need further hiv testing ?  NO

2) if no, am i conclusive after 7 weeks with 4th generation ag ab test?  AS DISCUSSED ABOVE, YOUR RESULTS AT 42, 45, AND 50 DAYS (7 WEEKS) ALL WERE CONCLUSIVE.

3) do i still have a hope sir..? SEE ABOVE. YOU DO NOT HAVE HIV.

13 months ago
Thank you for the reply sir.

I am just worried about my First CBC result.

 ->white blood cell low
-> thrombocyte was low
-> glucose was high

Do you think it is possible that virus other than HIV made lower those  wbc and thrombocyte..?

Scared to death sir.

That was my last question and thank you sir.

13 months ago
In addition,

Made glucose higher.?

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
13 months ago
Your blood tests for HIV show that any health problem you have, including your CBC and blood glucose test results, have nothing to do with HIV. 

The whole point of my replies is to explain why you should not be "scared to death"! If you remain fearful about HIV after the reasoned, science based reassurance you have had both on this forum and from your own doctors, it probably means you have an underlying emotional/psychological problem -- maybe shame or guilt over a sexual decision you regret? If so, deal with that as you need to, perhaps with professional counseling. But don't confuse those feelings with infection risk; they are not the same.

I hope the discussion has been helpful. Please do not be tempted to start another thread with similar questions. Thank you. Best wishes and stay safe.