[Question #68] Preventing transmission of herpes to my partner

99 months ago
I have had herpes for at least 30 years.  I am not on any medication to manage it.  I have occasional outbreaks, but have gone for extended periods without any.  My question is what can I do to minimize the risk for my partner.  I know the advice about abstinence and use of condoms.  I want to know to what degree it will help if I take an antiviral (e.g., valacyclovir); and would it help if he was to take it as a preventative measure?  Thank you
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
99 months ago
The taking of daily suppression reduces transmission by almost 50% over no treatment.  The only drug tested for transmission is Valacyclovir, but there is reason to believe that acyclovir, taken twice a day as directed, would have the same effect.  Has your partner been tested to determine that he does not indeed have herpes already?  Eighty percent of those infected don't know they have herpes.  Might be worth the testing and if he is positive you have nothing to worry about anymore.