[Question #680] Herpes Risk/Scare

89 months ago

Had protected sex with HSV2 positive female last weekend - two times vaginally with condom and she performed oral on me once without condom. She is a friend and told me the next morning that she was not going through any kind of OB and that she knows her body and when it's about to happen - not sure if she's on suppressants. Regardless, I have been experiencing severe anxiety over this, but have not seen any physical symptoms in my groin area. However, I did develop a small pimple on my lower left butt-cheek halfway through the week (developed and gone in a day) and also now have a small rash in the upper region of my butt-crack. Could this be a symptom? I've read that herpes initial OB almost always develops at the point of contact, but still concerns me (Also, I have psoriasis). I had previously been tested about 5 weeks ago for STD's and everything came back negative including HSV1 & HSV2 which were specifically tested for. Just wondering how worried I should be - I feel so stupid/regretful for taking this chance with my health. 
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
89 months ago
A single bump on the buttocks doesn't sound like herpes but rather normal skin changes that most people experience.  The small rash in the gluteal cleft (butt crack) is less clear, but normally, you are correct, a new herpes outbreak would normally show up on the penis.  But your penis wasn't really exposed to herpes because of the condom, right?  Condoms are not a perfect protection for men (much better for uninfected women).   The oral sex was not a risk if she has genital HSV 2 infection. 

I don't think your experience was a stupid move, putting your health at risk.  You used a condom both time, it was determined that she didn't have an outbreak at that time.  It was a thought out move to take a very small risk and you handled the risk with caution.  The condom stayed intact, I think you're good.  If you do decide to test again, don't do it too soon or it won't be accurate.