[Question #6829] HIV risk?

13 months ago
Hello again, a friend stayed at home and I mistakenly used his toothbrush and his underpants that I don't know if they were clean.  This was a few days after he left home.  can i get hiv or hepatitis?
Thanks a lot
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
13 months ago
Welcome to our forum and thank you for your questions. I will be glad to comment.

Your question describes to potential exposures, wearing your friend’s underwear which may not have been washed and using his toothbrush. As I understand it, both events occurred more than a day after his departure from your home.  I will comment on each separately

Let me first point out what appears that you do not know if your friend has untreated HIV, hepatitis or not. Is so, it is statistically unlikely that he has the infection.

Second, wearing your friend’s underwear was an entirely no risk event . HIV, hepatitis, and other STI’s are not transmitted from person to person by wearing other peoples clothing or exposure to material which may have a persons genital  secretions on them..

Regarding using his toothbrush, this too was a no risk event. Sharing toothbrushes is described as a theoretical risk for acquisition of hepatitis or HIV however I have never seen or heard of a documented case.  Furthermore after 24 hours or more of exposure to the environment, had HIV or hepatitis been present on the toothbrush, it would no longer be Infectious.

In summary, both of the potential exposures you describe did not put you at any risk for acquisition of HIV, hepatitis, or other STI’s. There is no medical reason for testing and no reason for concern.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Please don’t worry. EWH