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99 months ago

A couple weeks ago I had two encounters with the same woman.  I have read similar scenarios addressed here, but I thought I would ask for a risk assessment of my exact facts since I am in a committed relationship and want to be certain not to expose my partner to any STIs.  Here is a summary of the relevant activity:


a) I rubbed/tapped my erect penis against her skin on the following areas of her body: outer butt cheek (not near anus), forehead, neck/collar bone area, calf, side of face and cheek (I do not believe my penis touched her lips.  In theory it may have grazed her lips, but it certainly never was in her mouth)


b) we grinded and humped each other while she was wearing her underwear and I was wearing pants and underwear.


c) I kissed her neck, middle stomach area, and forehead.  Our lips may have grazed but we never did any mouth kissing.


d) I touched her upper pubic area (the area where hair would be above her vagina) but never directly touched her vagina and did not finger her.


e) I masturbated myself while she watched.  This may have been after my hand touched other parts of her body (see d).


f) She briefly (1 or 2 seconds) touched with her hand my pubic area above my penis (the area where hair is).  I do not believe she touched with her hand my shaft or penis, but she may have grazed it.  This may have been after she touched/fingered her vagina with her hand.  


Our genitals never directly touched and there was no vaginal, anal, or oral sex.


My questions are the following:


1) Am I at risk for any STI from the above?


2) If testing is recommended, how long should I wait so that testing is accurate (i.e., window period issues)?


3) 4 days ago I completed a 3-day course of azithromycin (500mg a day) for an unrelated issue.  If testing is recommended, do I need to wait any longer so the antibiotic does not affect the test results?


Thank you for your consideration.    

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
99 months ago
Welcome to the Forum.  I'll be pleased to comment.  The activities you describe were zero risk events for STI acquisition.  STIs are only transmitted through unprotected penetrative sexual contact which did not occur.  Your rubbing your penis against various body parts (called "frottage") is a form so masturbation and there is no meaningful risk for STI transmission from masturbation, whether you are doing it yourself or someone else is doing it for you.  This is true even in cases where partners get each others' genital secretions on one another.  Further and related to your question, there is no risk for STI when both parties have clothing (including underwear) on, even the material gets wet with genital secretions.  Absolutely no risk for HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trich, NGU, hepatitis.  There is a theoretical risk for syphilis, Herpes, and HPV but this theoretical risk is less than your risk for being struck by lightening.  I see no reason for concern and no reason for any sort of testing.

In answer to your specific questions:
1.  No, no risk.
2.  No testing is needed
3.  See above.  The azithromycin you have taken does not change the fact that you are not at risk.  EWH