[Question #6882] Still Very Scared, Please Help

10 months ago
Dear Dr,

I am so sorry that i need to come back to this forum. I have tried my best to move after taking your advice however there are few incidents that really worrying me recently

1. My eyes were infected due the eye concretion which grow bigger underneath my eye lids, according to the eye specialist, the concretion is formed mainly because of chronic inflammation I am very anxious when i heard about chronic inflammation which make me link to the HIV virus (i did not tell her about my case) She removed total 6 eye concretion and i went back to see her today after 5 days and I am very nervous when she informed there is another tiny one just appear. I almost collapse, does it mean the virus is replicating inside me and leading to the chronic inflammation ? i am very scared.
Dr, Do you think it is possible that chronic inflammation due to HIV virus lead to this concretion? Despite the eye specialist told me the chronic inflammation usially happen within the eye but i hardly have chronic eye inflammation

2. Regarding the lady whom i had french kissed few times (we both have some gum and dental problem) her symptoms are very similar to ARS and becoming more serious now

She had mild fever, gastritis and loose stool 1 to 2 weeks after kissing. 6 to 7 weeks later she has persistent bloating, vomitting and serious abdominal pain (middle Left and middle) the area are very painful for her when pressed on it, at the same time, she started to have night sweat most of the night, . I remember Dr Hook explained before HIV night sweat always associated with established disease, all these problems are still persisting until now (3 months). She has obvious weight loss and fever, sore throat regularly (on and off).
She did a blood test (except for HIV), her ESR is 22 vs cutoff < 21. I read in the previous post replied by Dr Handsfield that elevated ESR indicate ARS),

do you think her slight increased of ESR is a concern and indicating ARS ? She used to take norethisterone (birth control pill), i read from internet that it will inrease ESR, is that true ?

I also read that certain HIV early infection could convert into AIDS within few months and some symptoms are severe like above, can you share your opinion?

10 months ago
3. My daughter had fever 2 months ago and she is underweight now and not acheiving the expected high, i am vey worried that i have infected her earlier because i always had scratches (with fresh blood) on my arm and she likes to sleep on my arms, i am not sure if the blood has touched her eye leading to infection. Do you think it is possible ?

4. I always remind myself that my 4th Gen tests are conclusive until i read in this forum that one of the person's negative results turned into positive after 7 months, i was so scared because i trust the 4th Gen test is conclusive after 6 weeks, my confidence level is seriously affected and there is no update from him anymore whether his test is false positive before the post was closed. Can i ask if you heard any follow up from him ?Indeed all my test done in GP clinic and the guy from lab will come and collect the specimen and send back to the lab via motocycle, i am worried that there is problem with the transportation and affecf the blood sample and thus the result is false negative
Do i need to continue the test again until 7 months ?

Due to the above reasons, i am now being anxious again and i am so scared there is the virus in my body

Appreciate your help and advice on this, I am sorry that my English is not as good, hope it's not difficult for you to understand details

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
10 months ago

After some personal debate I have opted to reply to your question rather than to delete the question without a reply and without return of your posting fee.  This question is repetitive and a waste of your time and money.  The questions have been answered by both Dr. Handfield and I more than 3 weeks ago.  The answers are not going to change.  Your questions suggest pathological anxiety for unwarranted reasons.  I have chosen to reply because in our earlier responses we failed to suggest that your continuing, unwarranted concerns suggest a pathological psychological process which warrants professional counseling.  You have proven that you do not have HIV repeatedly, you have been reassured of this by experts yet you (apparently) continue to search the internet and worry for no good reason.  My sincere advice is to suggest that you see a mental health professional, perhaps with printed copies of your earlier questions to myself and Dr. Handsfield, to get professional help in addressing your unwarranted concerns.  I will provide brief, solitary replies to your repetitive, anxiety-driven questions and shortly thereafter will close the thread.  Further posts will be closed without a reply or return of your posting fee.

1. chronic inflammation can be caused by innumerable processes.  The one thing that you can be sure of however is that any chronic inflammation present is not caused by HIV since you have proven that you do not have HIV.  If you need to pursue the cause of your inflammation you should do so with your doctors but you can be confident that HIV is not the cause.  HIV has bit caused the concretions you describe.

2.  HIV is not acquired or transmitted by kissing, including French kissing, with or without dental or gum disease.  The minor elevation of her ESR is not particularly associated with HIV. It is non-specific.  In extraordinary situations HIV can progress to AIDS in a few years but not in a few months.  This sounds like internet-based misinformation.

3.  No

4.  You do not need further testing related to the events you have described.  The transport system you describe is satisfactory.  Dr. Handsfield and I discussed your statement " i read in this forum that one of the person's negative results turned into positive after 7 months".  Neither of us has made such a statement and disagree with it.  This is not the case.

This completes this reply and the thread which will be closed now.  Please seek mental health care and seek care for your inappropriate continuing concerns. EWH