[Question #6911] Herpes risk?

11 months ago
Hello Terri,
I can't believe I am here again. 
I went for a massage1 month ago today in Thailand. The woman massaged me. She sat on my face fully clothed and grinded on to me - wearing leggings and i assume underwear - at no point did i touch her vagina or anus.
She also tried to give me a hj, but i refused, but in the heat of the moment she masturbated me until climax through my massage shorts and boxer shorts. They did not come off.
Anxious and struggling, i went back this week and asked her to do a full panel of tests - i know myself thia is probably irrational, but knowing myself I felt this was my best chance to stop my fears. All tests came back negative today except she was hsv 2 positive.
This has terrified me, even more so as i am married with children. Reading your posts endlessly, it appears i have zero risk?
The woman did not have open sores on her hands and as i say i did not have direct contact with her vagina, although she was sat on my face grinding with clothes. I am very sure she never touched my penis as such directly. She assures me she did not.
As she is hsv positive what would your advice be to me?
I have spoken with you before, and have found your advice reassuring but still teated at 16 weeks - all fine. I have struggled horribly with alcohol and tobacco at these times and would struggle infintely for another 2-3 month wait.
Can you say with 100% confidance that in spite of the fact she has hsv 2, i am at no risk and do not need testing?

Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
11 months ago
Even if she is HSV 2 positive, this has no meaning whatsoever for you.  It's kind of a shame that you had her get tested as it has only further elevated your anxiety but means nothing.
With clothing between the two of you, there are zero risks of transmission.  the virus does not go through the fabric, even moist fabric (if you were going to ask me that).  The things you did with her present no risk of any STD at all.  You should NOT test again, no need, and you are at zero risk, that is correct. 

11 months ago
Ok. Thanks Terri. I will move in from this. Thankyou.

11 months ago
Hi Terri. I do feel better and thanks again. In my panic research previous to your answer I did some. Just wondering your opinion if any of a certain company called Synergy Pharmaceuticals (delete if inappropriate) who claim to have an effective and natural cure for both hsv 1 and 2. Some big US news agencies have covered them recently. As I have always had hsv 1, i have thought about it, although hsv 1 does not bother me. Anway, is this company a complete scam, isnit to early to say? Thought i may as wellnusw my follow up on this.
Interestingly, no mountain of successful reviews, inly from their website, makes me feel it is fake, but just curious as to what you think. 
Thanks Terri, there will be no more questions from me.
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
11 months ago
It's not a cure for herpes, I can assure you.  If there was a cure for herpes, I would know about it, I can assure you.  But I will look at it and see what's up.

11 months ago
Hi Terri,
This is the email that Synergy Pharmaceuticals have sent me. Again, i am not trying to market them in anyway. I am 100 percent skeptical for the record. It would be great to get your professional opinion about this. When i have mentioned to them why do leading experts not know, they give their reasons in my email. Again, in no way am i advertising for them. If, they are a scam company, i critique from an expert like yourself would be very useful for vunerable and anxious people they prey upon. However, if somehow there are legitimate claims, working with somebody like yourself to lend your credentials and support would be a miracle. If i need an additional postage fee to see your answer, please let me know. Again, not worried about hsv 2 now, thanks again for that, bit as an hsv 1 oral sufferer from childhood, i could give this ago, but want to read your views. Thanks again Terri.

Synergy Pharmaceuticals
to me
5 days ago
Hi xxx
Apologies for taking so long to respond, we’ve been inundated with inquires and orders due to the Corona virus situation and resources are limited.  As Synergy is the first and only company to provide this product the worldwide demand is immense, so please understand we are working with a high workload. 
Thanks very much for making contact with us, we’re more than happy to assist you with any questions or information you require.  This combination product from Synergy is designed to eliminate the herpes simplex virus HSV 1 and HSV 2 completely for both latent and active infections of both cold sores and genital outbreaks. 
For further reference those people who presented with symptoms at the start and have taken the combination treatment showed that in 80% of cases to have ceased all viral symptoms by the end of the treatment. It is extremely effective in curing people, especially considering the ingredients are all natural and there are no significant side effects at all.  Essentially it is your immune system that will work to eliminate the virus with the aid of the combination.  So the better placed your immune system is and the healthier you are the more effective it will be.
We’re well aware of the scams that exist like Herpes Erazer and many others particularly based in India but operate around the world.  I can assure you Synergy is not some scam.  It wouldn’t be possible for them to be registered and approved as a Pharmaceutical company if we were. Synergy Pharmaceuticals have invested years and significant capital investment to ensure the product achieves what it states it does. I’ve been working here for over 3 years and can assure you this product is the first in the world that has and continues to cure people of the virus.  I have attached a lab result from a client they sent through last week.  This person had severe outbreaks and after the conclusion had no further symptoms. 
Synergy is a relatively small company in the scheme of things, they have been operating for over 10 years but this product has only been available for over 2-3 years now.  So while Synergy are becoming more well known in the medical association it does take time.  Recently Synergy did a media campaign in Medical Centres across Australia and so it’s a progressive strategy. There has been a lot of challenges faced due to the major pharmaceuticals companies which sell the antiviral medication.  They profit over 4 billion dollars a year from antivirals so it’s in their best interests not to make any cure public. 
95% of our customers who are cured don’t even mention it afterwards.  Once they find out the results they often send us their deepest thanks which are some of the testimonials on the website but I think they’re just happy to move on with their life and don’t want to draw too much attention to the fact they had Herpes. The stigma associated with the disease is part of the reason why it doesn’t gain more attention in the media.  As mentioned all of the testimonials and reviews are from people who have been through the process and provided their feedback. 
Here is a link to one of the latest research studies that were conducted;
Synergy were actually presenting at major conferences in Jan and Feb this year and they presented at the Global Viral Conferences in Thailand, Spain and Japan. 
Currently there is a stock shortage with new stock expected to arrive late May.  Once available all products can be ordered through the website at www.synergy-pharmaceuticals.com  We have a team of customer support staff to assist so do let us know if there’s anything at all we can help with. 
With the COVID-19 virus being declared a global pandemic, we wanted to share some important information about the steps we’re taking to support you during these uncertain times.  Our first priority is the safety and wellbeing of our customers, our people and the general public. All mail items leaving Australia are going through a quarantine period of 1 – 2 weeks. Orders to the USA and other countries are currently seeing delays of 7 to 12 business days. We are also experiencing delays in the USPS network. The USPS system for tracking is not showing an updated status while the items are progressing to delivery, which is causing some confusion. 
Due to unprecedented demands on the product line there are stock shortages on all items.  New stock is expected to arrive late May.
We would like to assure our customers and stakeholders that we remain open and operational.  Due to increased demands on the products and on the Customer Support Team, we apologise in advance for additional delays in responding to inquiries for general information.     
We extend warm wishes to you and your families for good health.
Yours Truly
Customer Relations Unit

Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
11 months ago
There are no papers in peer-reviewed journals on this substance.  What was seen at this link was an abstract of a paper or poster presented at a scientific meeting.  When the IgG test is used to sort out infection vs. lack of infection, it cannot be relied upon as there is something called seroreversion, where the blood test goes from positive to negative, without loss of infection.  Also, because the IgG test misses so much infection, it is not the test used in herpes treatment and vaccine studies but rather the western blot.  When this company conducts a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial using their substance and the test to determine infection or lack of infection is the far more reliable Western blot, I'll be interested.  Until then I would strongly caution against buying something that says that have a cure for herpes.  Thank you for sharing this.