[Question #696] Please Help me!

89 months ago
Hi I'm concerned,
I went to a strip club, and got a lap dance from a stripper while she was dancing she pulled my penis out and spit on it and started to masterbait me there was no oral. She also started to grind on top of my penis while it was out, she had panties/g-string on, this lasted about 10 seconds then I stopped it. Its been 3 weeks since incident i have no symptoms. I'm freaking out, am i at risk for herpes please help?
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
89 months ago
Hi Thomas,
I don't believe you are at any real risk of acquiring herpes in this situation.  There are a few reasons why:  1) while the fabric of her panties might not have been significant, it really does strongly work against transmission of anything.  2) if there was herpes virus present in her saliva, it would likely not be anywhere near enough volume to infect you and 3) the 10 second grinding just isn't sufficient time to result in transmission if there hadn't been underwear.  When thinking about each individual situation, as we give our opinions, we take into account many different factors but this experience was really very very limited and I would be stunned if there was any consequence at all. 
Good for you for keeping things under control.