[Question #7000] Presisting symptoms- follow up to #6786 & 6599

11 months ago
Dear doctors,
Please do not delete my question and consider it as repetitive, as 5 moths later, I still have some symptoms that are really concerning me and stoping me from living a normal life for 5 months now. Your final advise on this matter will really help me in moving on with my life.
I promise this will be my last question on the matter.

Presisting concerning symptoms:
- couple of Presistant red viens in both eyes (started in one eye, then appeared in second eye a couple of months later) that were not there before the massage incident, and small, transparent water pockets in my right eye (different diagnosis by 3 different doctors as "cycts", "fat pockets" or "irritated eye lymph nodes". )
(I Started noticing slight redness in corner of one eye and slight discomfort next evening of massage.)
Red Viens still there after 5 months despite applying different prescribed eye drops for 3 months.
Eye problem diagnosed by a one doctor as a possible viral or bacterial infection, by another as eye stress or diet, and the last doctor as allergy. (Next day of massage, I was exposed to dust while cleaning closet, then dust from construction site one month later that made my eye go very red).
- Slightly lime-greenish urine at times.
- wife developed small red spots on face one week after sex (one month after massage)...spots stayed for a couple of weeks then dissapeared. She Says she never had them before, but probably got them from bad sleep and diet.
- my body tempreture daily starts below 37 then reaches 37.1 - 37.2 midday then drops below 37 at night. (Some websites say that tempretures above 37 are considered a fever)
- can still feel pea sized lymph node (same size) above right collar bone
- have slight sore throat regularly

Summary of massage exposure:
- Normal, non sexual massage (fully clothed)..massaged my neck and forehead with bear hands..developed two small pimples with small white heads on my forehead next day.
- eye breifly coming in contact with room wall or massage bed sheets
- shook hands with massuse and noticed that her hands were "wet and sticky" while i had slightly chapped hands.

My final questions are:
1. Does the presisting of these symptoms in addition to my wife's recent small raised facial spots change your assesment in any way that this was a no risk event? Could these be the manifiestation of any std (hiv or anything else)?

2. Me and my wife have been wanting to try for a second child but I have been avoiding sex since the massage for 5 months now (except for once). Is it safe to start having regular sex despite presisting symptoms for 5 months now?
Thank you for your patience and I promise not to bother you again with this incident.
My best regards.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
11 months ago

Sadly, NOTHING in this repetitive set of questions is new.  Hence the answers are not going to change either.  Your fixation on the findings you list is simply irrational and not warranted.  The signs and symptoms you list are either representative of normal variation which you are misinterpreting (this is the case for most things you list) or due to something other than STI. Thus my specific responses are:

1. No, no change whatsoever in my assessment. The event you describe carried NO RISK for any STI.

2.  It was safe for you to resume unprotected sex with your wife before.  It still is.

You need to move on.  Your fixation on this no risk encounter and attribution of non-STI-related findings to possible STI is just not warranted.  At this juncture I urge you to seek mental health counseling to help you move forward. 

You'll note that this question was not deleted.  Following closure of this thread however, future questions related to the exposure you describe are likely to be deleted without a response of refund of your fee.  Please seek counseling.  EWH