[Question #7112] HSV-2 in the mouth

7 months ago
Hi Terri,
Thanks for having this forum.  I have HSV-2 and my GF knows I have it.   I am on 1000mg of Valtrex daily.  We use condoms when we have intercourse. However, when she performs oral sex on me we do not use protection. So I have three questions.

1) She performed oral sex on me without any protection.  Can she get HSV-2 in her mouth from that?

2) If she performed oral sex on me without any protection and there was a cut on my penis from friction because of masturbation and/or dry skin, can she get HSV-2 that way from me?

3) Lastly, let's just say if she performed oral sex on me without any protection, and there was an open herpes lesion on my penis would she be able to get it?

Thanks again Terri!
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
7 months ago
1.  It is possible to get HSV 2 oral infection from giving oral sex, but it doesn't happen very often.  But it can happen, yes.
2.  The answer to this question is the same as my answer to question one. 
3.  And again, if you had a herpes lesion on your penis and she gave you oral sex, she could get it on her mouth, yes.  Condoms would certainly reduce that risk.  But the risk is already greatly reduced with your Valtrex.  Plus HSV 2 doesn't like the oral area, so all in all, the risk is low but not absent.