[Question #7124] HIV risk from getting unprotected blowjob after Brazilian Wax on penis

8 months ago
I am a male and in the morning had a Brazilian Wax treatment on penis for removing public hair.
The treatment included removing hair with Brazilan Wax and tweezer
from the penis shaft, testicles and also removed the hair from the skin above the penis on body.
After treatment I washed and cleaned with soap and water the whole penis area and testicles.

Later that day in the night I have had a sexual encounter with a girl which performed unprotected blowjob on me without a condom.
The girls sucked my penis shaft and also licked my testicles and skin above penis.
During the unprotected blowjob I have had some superficial cuts and open hair pores on the skin of
my penis shaft/testicles/skin above penis from the Brazilian Wax.
These superfical cuts and open hair pores were not bleeding, but could be seen as small cuts/tears.
Except these superficial cuts and open hair pores, no siginificant damage was caused to skin of the waxed areas.

I have 4 questions :

1.         My question is what is the HIV risk from this unprotected blowjob if possible blood from girl's mouth had 
            direct contact with theses supefical cuts and open hair pores on penis shaft/testicles/skin above penis?

2.         Does these superfical cuts and open hair pores on penis shaft/testicles/skin above penis
            increase HIV risk when coming direct contact with possible blood from the girl's mouth during the unprotected blowjob?

3.        I know unprotected blowjob is negligible HIV risk(whereas unprotected sex is a high risk HIV activity).
           For future events, after making Brazilian Wax treatment on penis shaft/testicles/skin above penis 
           and no siginificant damage was caused to skin of mentioned waxed areas from treatment.              
           How much time do you reccomend to wait after wax treatment so that the skin on penis shaft/testicles/skin above penis fully heals and open skin hair pores 
           will fully clolse so that the HIV risk will be reduced as much as possible when getting unprotected blowjob on mentinoed waxed areas?

4.       After a period of 3 weeks when new hair grows on penis shaft/testicales/skin above penis and causes rash/redness/tiny wounds to these areas.
          Does the rash/redness/tiny wounds on the skin of these areas pose increased HIV risk when getting unprotected blowjob to penis shaft /testicales/skin above penis?
Thank you very much for the help.

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
8 months ago

Welcome to the Forum and thanks for your question.  As you might imagine, there are no scientific data to specifically help address your question however what information we have suggests that having had  Brazilian wax hair removal at any time prior to receiving oral sex from an infected person would be a virtually no risk event.  As I suspect you know, there are NO proven instances in which a person has acquired HIV from receipt of oral sex.  This includes persons who received oral sex with cuts, rashes and abrasions on their genitals.  In general, the data do show that even when persons with genital sores, scrapes or cuts are directly exposed to the genital secretions of exposed persons during mutual masturbation, there is no risk for infection.  The amount of HIV present in oral secretions, even oral secretions which may contain blood is far, far less, hence the situation you describe would be considered a no risk event. 

I would add that, unless there is something that you did not tell me, you do not know if this person had HIV or bleeding oral lesions.  The likelihood that the woman who performed oral sex on you is tiny.

This in answer to your specific questions:

1. As explained above this was a no risk event.

2.  No, in general, direct exposure of superficial cuts or scrapes to infectious secretions or even blood does not lead to infection.  The risk of such exposures is purely theoretical and despite having been studied for nearly 40 years, there is no evidence that this type of exposure represents a meaningful risk for infection.

3.  I think you may be over estimating the risk for HIV if you were exposed.  the calculated risk for getting HIV from unprotected sex with an untreated, HIV-infected sex partner is less than 1 infection for every 2500 exposures.  The risk from oral sex is far lower than that.  I would not worry about the time interval between hair removal and receipt of oral sex. If you plan to continue the practice however, perhaps it would be worthwhile to check on the cost of laser hair removal which is permanent.

4. No the bumps (folliculitis) which occur at the sites of hair removal do not represent a meaningful risk for acquisition of HIV

I hope this information is helpful.  EWH

8 months ago

Thank you very much for your detailed reply.

In your answer you did not relate to the HIV risk from the multiple open skin hair pores on the waxed ares(penis Shaft,
testicales and skin above penis), I assume it takes like 2 or 3 days for open hair pores to heal and close.

Even with these multiple open hair poses on the waxed skin areas, 
they are also like superficial cuts and pose no HIV risk when getting unprotected blowjob with possible 
infected HIV blood contact these open hair pores during the unprotected blowjob.

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
8 months ago
I believe you missed my answer.  There is no risk for HIV acquisition through the open hair follicles that remain after hair is removed.  EWH---
8 months ago

Your reply of no HIV risk(unprotected blowjob) relates for the 2 types of hair follicles:

So there is no HIV risk for both the open(empty) hair follicles that are created staright after hair removal on waxed areas,
and also  no HIV risk also from the follicles which are created 3 weeks when hair starts to grow again, 
 when getting the unprotected blowjob with possible blood on any of them on waxed areas on penis shaft/testicles/ skin above penis.

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
8 months ago
These questions are repetitive and have been answered.  Your summary of my replies is correct.  No risk!

We provide up to three responses to each client’s questions.  This is my 3rd reply.  Thus, AS PER forum guidelines, the thread will be closed shortly without further replies.  EWH
8 months ago

I have read again your answers and understood my questions regarding the no HIV risk of open hair follicles/folliculitis
with unprotected blowjob . 
Thank you for that.

Although I have passed the number permited replies, 
I would very appreciate your last reference so that I can get the whole picture of it for future events : 

We can summerize and say that superficial cuts/open hair follicles/folliculitis from Brazilian Waxing on 
penis shaft /testicales/skin above penis does not pose increased HIV risk when getting unprotected blowjob on these areas
and will not allow access for HIV to bloodstreram since they are all superfical damage to skin of waxed areas.

Only deep cuts and deep wounds which  are actively bleeding on waxed areas will have increased HIV risk and 
allow HIV access to blood stream when getting unprotected blowjob on them with possible HIV infected blood .

Thank you for your help and time.