[Question #7395] Extreme confusion on what method was used for HIV test

6 months ago

Hi Doctors


thank you so much in advance for your help. this forum has helped me more than anything in the past few weeks and i appreciate all your advice and comments. This will be my last time being a bother. 

I know its quite disappointing coming back to ask questions after Dr Hook helped me multiple times but this is an issue that i have just realized today and i have some short questions that i havent been able to get help from anywhere else. (i tried to refrain from coming back but google really isnt helping) 

It’s not another repetitive or anxiety driven question, 

but I mentioned that i took 2 lab tests at 6 weeks and 10 weeks and both were negative. The requisition form only said “HIV SEROLOGY TEST”. The two clinics i got tested at both sent out the blood to Public Health Ontario (from what my doctor told me). On their website they state “HIV diagnostic serology specimens are screened for HIV using a chemiluminescent micro-particle immunoassay (CMIA) for the simultaneous qualitative detection of HIV p24Ag and antibodies to Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and/or type 2 (HIV-1/HIV-2) in human serum or plasma.” 

1.Ive messaged them and asked if this is 4th generation and they had no clue what a 4th generation test is which i’m now extremely worried about because it being a 4th gen test was the only thing that was giving me a sense of relief. Is this a 4th generation test from what they described? Wouldn’t they know what that is? 

2.If it was a 4th generation ^ and i got 2 negatives, can i be 100% sure that i havent contracted HIV? Would it be safe to move forward without a worry of infecting future partners? 

3.also, its confirmed that when someone is experiencing symptoms their test is always positive... but would a negative 4th gen test still be accurate if the person is asymptomatic when the test is taken (but felt symptoms during the window period)? 

My only worry throughout this whole thing is that the tests i took weren’t 4th generation and the tests came back as false negatives due to this. 

I really hope my question wont be deleted if this is considered repetitive... im just having so much trouble with these labs and the little bit of information they provide on their websites. 

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
6 months ago

There is no confusion.  Your test was a 4th generation test.  If that were not the case, I would have told you.  Your anxiety is causing you to overthink this and worry unnecessarily.  As I said in closing out our last interaction " Further, additional anxiety driven, repetitive questions may be deleted without any response and without return of the posting fee.  Your tests are not going to change.."  These questions are both repetitive and anxiety-driven.  I will reply briefly, then the thread will be closed.  If you return, you may not get an answer and will not have your posting fee returned.

1.  The web site tells you this was a 4th generation test. Specifically, it specifies that they use the CMIA test to test both for ANTIGEN and ANTIBODY. Therefore, BY DEFINITON, this is a 4th generation test. 

2.  Repetitive question, the answer is the same. You have PROVEN you do not have HIV.

3.  If you had symptoms, your test would be positive.  Believe your test results. 

End of thread.  EWH