[Question #7402] HIV transfer to partner while on PEP - DR HHH Please help

3 months ago
First of all, I would like to thank DR Hook and Dr. Handsfield, you both are doing amazing work on the planet controlling or spreading awareness of infectious diseas,  now I want to hear from DR HHH also, my previous reply was done by DR HOOK.

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Question #7396

you both are the best in the world "I got the Advice from Dr. Hook", do I and my wife are safe after my episode of nonrisky exposure with CSW, 13 days of PEP, and MY Negative results after 3, 6 & 8 months including 4th GEN tests.
Test Results:

10TH DAY - PCR RNA 1, CMIA (COMBO). - Negative
65th DAY -CMIA(COMBO). -Negative
6TH month - CMIA(COMBO) -Negative
8th Month - 1&2 Antibody - Rapid immunochromatographic assay -Negative

Query was : 

 if A negative person gets HIV in his body takes PEP, while on PEP if he has sex with a future partner, is there a chance PEP able to remove an infection from his body but he Passed the infection to future PARTNER (At the end He remained Negative after 8 months but his future partner got infected).

will this happen? this is the only logical query I have Please elaborate on this. (Basically, can a Negative person transmit HIV to a future partner while on PEP, because PEP able to remove an infection from his body but he passed it on)? any such cases in your experience or it is my imaginary Question?

please help on this, do you also think future partner never gets HIV until the first person gets it?

and when do u think 1&2 Antibody - Rapid immunochromatographic assay is conclusive? this was done on my wife.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
3 months ago
Welcome back, but I'm sorry you found it necessary -- and I'm afraid you'll find it pointless. Dr. Hook and I do not re-answer the same questions to which the other has replied. There is no point:  we have worked closely together for most of four decades, and although our personal styles and wording differ, our scientific perspectives and advice never do. That is confirmed in this case. I carefully read your discussion with Dr. Hook and agree exactly with everything he said. The transmission scenario you imagine is impossible and does not occur. Your question is not "imaginary", but it does reflect misunderstanding of the science of HIV and transmission of the virus. Therefore, your wife didn't need testing. But the HIV test you describe -- a third generation antibody test -- is probably conclusive 6 weeks and definitely conlusive 8 wweeks or more after tha last possible exposure.

There will be no further discussion. Do your best to move on without further worry. If you remain concerned, carefully re-read Dr. Hook's replies in your previous thread. Good luck.