[Question #7460] Follow up question 7339 - Is this a chancre

4 months ago
Dear doctors,

I would like to first thank the doctors for taking the time to answer all the questions asked here. You guys are doing an incredible job.

Back to my situation, I asked a question here before and I would like to ask a follow up question.

I had an exposure through oral and noticed a bump on the shaft near to my scrotum after 4 weeks of exposure. I am worried about syphilis. After which I had done a test and all came back as not reactive.

As advised my Dr Hunter Handsfield, there is no point for me to do a test on the 6th week as I was prescribed with antibiotics and to wait for 12 weeks for a retest.

Due to my anxiety, I had conducted a few syphilis test as follows:-
1) week 4 (29 days) - RPR and TPPA - not reactive
2) week 7 (close to 8) - 53 days - RPR and TPPA - not reactive
3) week 11 (close to 12) - 82 days - results not back yet

My question is:-
1) if come back negative for my 82 days test, should I conclude that I have no syphilis for sure and move on?
2) do I still need a retest on the 84 days? I am suffering bad anxiety and could not wait till 84 days. Should have waited just a few more days.


Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
4 months ago
Welcome back to the Forum although I’m sorry that you felt the need.  In your exchange with Dr. Handsfield a month ago he assured you tha you did not have Syphilis.  The repeat results prove this to be the case and I’m confident that your pending results will confirm this.  It’s time to worrying, to cease testing, and to move forward without concern.  Thus, in reply to your follow up questions:

1.  Yes, it will certainly be time to move forward without concern.
2.  There is no reason for further testing.  Believe your results.

Hope this helps. EWH 
4 months ago
Dear Dr Hook,

Thanks for the reply. My results came back today as follows:-

1) RPR - not reactive
2) HIV - 4th gen - not reactive

Other STIs are not tested as my doctor feels that there is no need for those tests as I was already been tested at the 4th week and 7th week.

I guess I should start to stand up strong again and move on with my life.

My anxiety has been killing me for weeks and 2 months to be exact. Affecting my job, my mood and etc. In fact, I would like to thank Dr Handsfield and your goodself for calming me down by providing me answers which helped me to pass through this period of time.

Just one thing to urge the people, the anxiety that I experienced is not a joke and definitely not worth to have that short period of 30 mins to an hour of “fun” from whichever form of unprotected sex.

Please practice safe sex people!

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
4 months ago
Thanks for sharing your results.  They confirm the assessments you have already received.  I suggest that you consider talking your concerns through with a trained mental health professional.  I’m not suggesting you are crazy but such counseling can often provide insights to the origins of such intense, difficult to overcome anxieties.  Take care.  EWH ---