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5 months ago

So the other day, I was getting ready for bed and noticed the tiniest of bump the size of a Fordyce spot at the base of my penis.  It was slightly raised and seemed to be a darker colour.  What I mean by that it was reddish/brownish? It also seemed to shine a tiny bit.  That being said, it didn't go away for a few days, and with things being very difficult where I live to see someone about this, I had this genius idea to pick it off.  I did that, it bled a tiny bit and that was it.  Now, this happened maybe 5 days ago.  Stupid, I know.  

My question is.  Does one tiny bump that small seem like it could be a wart?  As well as the colour?  It was also very smooth and round.  

I do have larger Fordyce spots but they don't seem to be that colour.  However, they have been inflamed from time to time, but usually, I notice it because of the feeling.  This time, it had no feeling.  Didn't feel wobbly or anything...just a bump.

Anyway, just wanted an opinion.  Wish I hadn't picked it off.  Dumb, I know.

Thank you in advance.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
5 months ago

Welcome to the Forum and thanks for your question.  I'll be glad to comment

The bottom line here is that when you noticed the bump you picked at it and apparently it has gone away.  What you describe does not sound like a wart and certainly would not have been readily removed by picking at it.  What you describe does sound more like a cyst of some sort 9ncluding a Fordyce spot although, as you point out, Fordyce spots are more typically yellowish in color.  There are a huge number of dermatological processes that can cause cystic lesions of the sort you describe.   If it recurs, don't pick at it and get it looked at.  Hopefully it will not be back although, to be honest, it would not be at all surprising to me if it did recur.  Certainly what you describe does not bring any STI to mind.

Hope these comments are helpful. EWH