[Question #7519] Could this be HSV2?

2 months ago
I am a male, I had unprotected sex with a female. She mentioned she was a swinger and didn't mention a condom when we started doing it. With my little experience, I didn't think of it. It didn't last long at all, I was stressed and couldn't get hard, so it was a minute at best. I called it off. I didn't give oral sex, only received.

The first 8 days, I had these funny tickling sensations on both side of my scrotum where the base of my penis and pubis meet, always at the same place. It felt a little itchy in between my thighs and scrotum too but I would just scratch a bit. Nothing painful, no burning, just you average itch. I disregarded it as me focusing too much on my genitals due to stress.

The last 2 days were the most worrying. I woke up yesterday with 1 small pimple between my scrotum and thigh, basically where the skin folds. If I didn't check myself there I wouldn't have noticed it, it wasn't painful. After playing with it, it felt and hurt like a pimple, kinda sore to the touch. I squeezed and it popped with that whitehead coming out. After being worried all day, I checked again and I noticed some red rashes on both sides of my thighs, where the skin folds when you walk or sit. It's 1cm wide and the length is basically the entirety of the fold. Not painful and no burning sensation either. Wouldn't have noticed if I didn't look.

I'm getting stressed about it now, it doesn't seem much like a coincidence anymore. There's too many variable in 10 days. As of right now, the two side of my inner thigh/scrotum are very irritated, not painful but I played and stretched the skin to see better and I ripped it a tiny bit. The skin is very weak right now, you can see that white skin mixed in the irritated red part like I scratched too much, on top of the pimpled and the minuscule fleshy hole I made on the other side by stretching and rubbing. Looks horrifying to be honest.

Otherwise, I feel great. No ill feeling, no symptoms whatsoever. Just a hell lot of stress since everyth