[Question #7614] Chances of condoms being damaged/have small holes during protected blowjob

2 months ago
Hi Doctor,

Is it common that condoms tend to get small holes from getting protected blowjob becuase of 
the teeth rubbing which is applied on condom during getting blowjob?

I am a male and  usually use the same condom for first getting blowjob and then having vaginal sex with
one condom using for both acts.

I concern that during blowjob the condom might be damaged and 
will have small holes which I might not notice these small holes on condom
between the acts of getting oral sex and vaginal sex which comes afterwards.

And in this situation the small holes in condom from blowjob 
will cause the condom to break during the vaginal sex which comes afterwards,
the stronger stress which is applied on condom during vaginal sex will cause the small holes
in condom to total breakage of the condom.

And the condom breakage during vaginal sex can put me in HIV risk.

So this leads to my questions: 

1   From your professional experience,
     how common is that condoms 
     being damaged / get small holes during blowjob from teeth rubbing? 

2.  Should I be worried about this issue and carefully check the condom 
     between the act of getting blowjob and having vaginal sex afterwards?
     Is it a must changing to new condom between getting blowjob and having vaginal sex afterwards?

3.   How strong should the teeth rubbing be on condom during protected blowjob 
     in order to cause a small hole in the condom?
     Does my pratner have to strongly bite my pines in order to create a small hole in condom 
     or a slight teeth rubbing is enough to crearte a hole in condom?

Thank you.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
2 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your confidence in our services. Directly to your questions.

1) You really needn't worry. The notion of microscopic pores or other defects in condoms is an urban myth; and there is no reason to suppose that oral sex (or any sex at all) would create such holes. And even if such defects were present, the science of fluid dynamics dictates that not enough fluids could leak through to transmit infection. Using oil-based lubricants can weaken latex -- but the only risk there is for overt breakage, not for microscopic leaks. 

2) The whole business about checking condoms for leaks after exposure (e.g., water testing) also is an urban myth, or close to it. If a condom doesn't break wide open, you can safely assume protection was complete.

3) Biting hard enough to cause a visible hole would increase the risk of STI or HIV transmission. Otherwise I see no cause for worry.

The risk of oral sex for HIV and STIs is low enough that condoms are considered optional -- not nearly as important as for vaginal or anal sex. But if you use a condom for oral sex, you might help reduce your concern by switching to a second condom after oral exposure and having vaginal or anal sex. It might be most important if the oral sex included biting, or vigorous contact of a partner's teeth with the condom -- to reduce the risk of breakage during vaginal sex afterward. However, it that's not practical -- for example, if it breaks the rhythm of the sexual experience or you just don't feel like it -- you really needn't worry. There should be little if any increased STI/HIV risk if the same condom is used.

I hope these comments are helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.

2 months ago
Hi Doctor,

Thank you  for your answers.
I have read them and understood.

Just 2 additional small questions for clarification:

1.    About your answer to my question number 3 in my first message,
       what youd say is that creating a hole in condom during blowjob
       requires a serious hard biting on penis.
       A gentle teeth rubbing during oral sex, will not cause any hole/damage to condom 
       and will not increase risk of breakage in the vaginal sex afterward with the same condom.

2.    If during the oral sex the blowjob is gentle and there is 
       just a gentle/slight teeth rubbing on condom it should be safe to continue to vaginal sex with the same condom with no worry.
       The risk for condom breakage in such case during vaginal sex after the oral sex would be very low.
        If the oral sex includes vigorous  teeth rubbing and/or biting, 
        it justifies putting a new condom before vaginal sex to avoid
        condom breakage during the vaginal sex afterwards.

Thank you for you time.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
2 months ago
1) We're not experts in condom manufacture, materials, etc. From common sense and personal experience, it seems it would take a pretty vigorous bite to penetrate or tear a latex or polyurethane condom -- perhaps a bit less force for natural membrane condoms.

2) For those reasons, I would think gentle teeth rubbing the material would not be damaging and that safety for vaginal sex would be retained; and that changing the condom would be wise after overt biting or if any doubt about it.
2 months ago
Hi Doctor,

Thank you for your answers and time it helped me a lot.

Best Regards
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
2 months ago
Thanks for the thanks. I'm glad to have helped.---