[Question #7645] Follow up on previous encounter

13 days ago

Dear Dr Hunter

I am very sorry to come back again with more information, just a brief on the previous encounter where I did not really do any risky sexual act however I did stupid thing by inserting my fingers into the sex worker vigina for few minutes and hand oral sex on her private part and I could feel her wet fluids. I did have a fresh cut on one of my finger but like 24-36 hours deep cut on one of my fingers and I did not insert it but her fluids were everywhere . This happen on the 30th of Jan and today after 17 days I have done gen 4th HIV test and was negative. 

Two days after the encounter I have had my hand plum etching me and all the skin start to peel off and have had one pimple I discovered it like 48 hours after the accident. On the day 14 and 15 I have had slight fever 37.8 for few hours only and goes normal without medication and started to have night sweeting. 

Now after 17 hard days of thinking and trying to escape from my regular partner. I could not wait and I did the HIV test and was negative it was like 15 mins then I have had the result ( it looks like pregnancy strip test ) my questions are: 

1- how accurate is these tests and is this considered conclusive result? 

2- should I do again test for assurance at 4 weeks one more time ? 

3- based on the symptoms I shared should I do other STI testing? 

4- side question away from my case, how does it take for some one to be infectious if he got HIV virus ? 

Thank you again Dr. 

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
12 days ago

I'm saddened that despite receiving reassurances that the encounter you describe was a virtually no risk event not once but twice in the past 12 days, you felt the need to return with additional anxiety driven questions.  Let me remind you that in one of your earlier interactions Dr. Handsfield replied:

"Please note that repeated questions on the same exposure or topic are not permitted, and are subject to being deleted without reply (and without refund of the posting fee). If you were hoping to hear from Dr. Hook's in addition to me, there was no point:  our expertise is identical and our opinions and advice always are the same.

Really, stop worrying about this. All is well. Don't confuse guilt or shame over a sexual decision you regret with infection risk from that decision. They aren't the same"
I concur with this advice. You really did not need testing at all.  Thus, I will provide a single response to your questions, and then the thread will be closed.  Further questions about this encounter are likely to be deleted without a response and without return of your posting fee:
1. This test sounds like a test for HIV antibodies although it is difficult to tell.  If the test was for HIV antibodies, at 17 days it would detect around 50% of recent infection.  If it was a 4th generation test it might detect somewhat more infections but could still miss recent infections.  Most importantly however, I reiterate however, you really do not need testing at all.
2. No
3. No, there is no need for STI testing
4. Persons become infectious at the time when the virus is detectable in the blood.  Persons who have HIV which can be transmitted to others almost always have a positive test.
End of reply.  EWH