[Question #7652] HSV2 Safety Regimen

2 months ago
Dear Dr Hook, Dr Handsfield, and Terri Warren,

Thank you for this service. Dr Handsfield and Terri Warren thank you especially for your media appearances and interviews which I have found very helpful. 

I am a 39 year old male. My wife and I have recently decided to open up our marriage. My new girlfriend is HSV2 positive, and I am very concerned that I not contract HSV2 and possibly also infect my wife. I have not yet begun to be sexually active yet with my new girlfriend (because of covid) but am planning my safer sex boundaries with my new partner. I have decided to only have penetrative anal or vaginal sex with her while she is taking acyclovir daily and with me wearing  a condom and a pair of latex briefs which have a hole for my penis. The hole has a ring which a condom wraps around. My wife and I have experimented with this setup, which seals in my genitals and butt crack completely; it has never come undone during intercourse. 

Assuming that this condom/ latex underwear combo stays properly sealed during sex and my new girlfriend takes acyclovir daily, do you think this will be a good safety regimen? 

Do you think there is anything else, other than avoiding any contact with my girlfriend’s genitals during an outbreak, that I can do?

I intend to give my girlfriend unprotected oral sex with my mouth contacting her genitals and anus. How worried should I be about contracting HSV2 orally? I am not immunocompromised that I know of. 

Thank you again. 
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
2 months ago
Well, I certainly give you credit for doing such careful planning about your sexual situation.  And for practicing with your "tools" to prevent transmission.  I have many people ask about such things - perhaps you could give me the reference for the underwear?
I think you are doing everything you can to protect your wife in terms of intercourse. 
While I can tell you that HSV 2 doesn't like the oral area and rarely is there, the risk is not zero.  Having some sort of barrier like plastic wrap or dental dam would offer you greater protection from acquiring HSV 2 orally.