[Question #7705] Worried about blood exposure

1 months ago
Hello Experts, 

So sorry to come back with new questions after my question number 7690.
First of all, I would like to apologize from Dr hunter.. I know it wasn't a debate, I just was asking questions out of anxiety and I'm so sorry... I blindly trust you
I remembered some events which I didn't mention in my last question. I'm now absolutely convinced that there was no risk after touching my friend blood and after one hour I put my finger into my anus to inspect hemorrhoids.
I have some additional details and I hope it will not bother you. 
1- I don't remember if I peed during the between touching the blood and putting my finger in my anus. If i peed it is for sure after washing my hand with perfumed liquid soap. But I'm asking now if there was still some blood under my fingernail and after some minutes (maybe 10 minutes) I touched my penis to pee. Is there any risk? 
2- I remember putting my finger into my ear to wash it with water. It happened 15 minutes after touching the blood of my friend. Is there any risk? (I mean if there was still any blood under my fingernail) 
3-should I test? 
4- I continued to have unprotected sex with my wife, and now those questions come to my mind. Please tell if it is safe to continue to have unprotected sex with my wife? 
5- may I put all this story behind me and forget it? No matter of any other scenario comes to my mind? And no matter of any symptoms which I may have during the next few weeks? Without testing?

I'm really worried and I have a severe hiv phobia. Do you find my questions silly? (it would help me if you found them silly because it will shows me that my problem is psychological) 

What is your advice for me, I'm really depressed and tired. Please help me

Many thanks in advance 

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
1 months ago
Welcome bck, but I'm afraid the forum cannot resolve your fears or otherwise help you. Let's put this in perspective. You "blindly" trust me, but your current questions ignore most of the replies I gave in your previous thread. And you are "...now absolutely convinced that there was no risk after touching my friend blood and after one hour I put my finger into my anus to inspect hemorrhoids." And then go on to ask questions answered last time, or whose answers are obvious from that discussion.

1) Why would you think urinating might make any difference? Of course it does not.
2) No risk; HIV is not transmttied through the ear.
3-5) All answered last time. Do not test, continue sex at home, and try to put this behind you.

I would never characterize your concerns or questions as "silly". But repeating them doesn't make them wiser! But your statements about psychology, and your closing statement ("I'm really depressed and tired. Please help me.") are proof that indeed you have a serious psychological problem here. The issue is not your exposure, but something in your mental health that makes you irrationally concerned when almost no other people would give these things another thought -- especially after the repeated, reasoned, science-based responses I have given you. I strongly urge you to seek professional counseling. Your fears are NEVER going to go away just by asking question on this or any other forum, no matter what answers you receive. This opinion and my recommendation for counseling come from comopassion, not criticism. I hope you follow through. 

1 months ago
Hello sir,
Thank you again for your answers, they will help me overcome my anxiety. 
I confirm I have a severe Hiv phobia which started recently. Indeed I'm obsessing over Hiv and I imagine risks wherever. 
So sir, you said why would think that urinating might make any difference. Because if I had some of my friend's blood in my finger (maybe washing was not enough and was not well done and some blood was still in my finger) and then I touched the head of my  penis (10 minutes maybe after touching my friend's blood) 
1- is there any risk? 
2-six or seven days after this event, I start feeling like a button under my armpit (under the skin like one lentils). I don't know if it is a lymph node. Could it be ARS? 
3- I'm feeling also some pain in my front upper gum and some burning red tongue (in front of my tongue) may I be ARS? for your information sir, I had this feeling two or three weeks before this event. And now it is back. 
4- if I didn't  well wash my hand and some of my friend's blood were still under my nail, and after one hour I scratched my anus and put my finger in the hole (maybe a little bit into, I said maybe because I want to cover all the worst scenarios) is there any risk? 
5- I did my best to forget this event, I think it's working.but  I just want to get another confirmation from you sir to carry on (especially after this weird symptom) and I will not come back. 
Please sir help me with answering my questions and I promis I will do my best to not come back. 
Many thanks in advance. 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
1 months ago
I'm sorry, but your premise is wrong. My answers will not help you overcome your anxiety. This is a psychological issue:  anxieties never are resolved just by hearing the facts. There's always a "yes but", "what if", or "am I the exeption". That these are exactly the sorts of quesgtions you are asking now. In fact, repeated answers to the same question tend to prolong anxiety, not relieve it. 

Still, I read this very carefully. My answers are:

1) No.
2) No. Such a small lump is not likely to be a lymph node, and a single lymph node never indicates ARS.
3) This also is not an ARS symptom.
4) It doesn't matter. No risk.
5) It obviously is not working, or you would not be asking these questions.

1 months ago
Hello sir, 
Many thanks for your answers, they really helped me. Unfortunately, I have two other situations that worried me, could you sir help me assess my risk. Sir as it is my last follow-up, please see the details of my questions. 
Your words are very helpful and I really need you, please help me and explain to me. 

1- I just did a foot massage to an unknown girl for about 10 seconds, I did massage the bottom of her feet and her toes, she was wearing black feet nylon. And it was massage with scratching. Is there any risk? What if she had some blood in her feet nylon and I had some very small cuts? Is there any risk??
2- immediately after the massage, I Sneezed  and immediately I used the same hand (which was used for massage) to wipe my nose. I didn't push my fingers inside my nose but I wiped my nose with my hand(let's say it was a strong wipe). Is there any risk here sir? 

Second situation
3-The day after yesterday, I went to the dentist to check why my gums are painful. I came in just after the previous patient. I discussed with the dentist (for 10 minutes) about my hiv anxiety. And then he took off a dental mirror from a bleu bag and started inspecting my gums. After we finished I got in my car and checked my gums in the car mirror I saw a red dot of blood in my upper gum. Is there any risk? What if they didn't sterilize the mirror tool (by the way it is not sharp. It is circular)? I asked the assistant, she said of course we sterilize them. First we use disenfected liquid and then we put them in the Bleu bag and then autoclave. 
4-do I need to take Pep as I still in the first two days? 
5-do I need to test? 
6-may I continue to have unprotected sex with my wife? 
7- may I forget these two events totally and put them behind me and never think about it? No matter of any idea which may come to my mind? No matter of any symptoms? No matter of any other scenario which I may think of? 
Please sir I'm lost now, please help me assess my risk and tell me what to do. Is it safe to move on with my life? And back to my happy life which I used to have before this nightmare? 
I can't find words to thank you in advance. THANK YOU 

1 months ago
Sir, one last detail.
I might touched her feet from behind (this part of feet where there is the bone sometimes get hurt when we wear tight shoes. So I might touched it and I don't know if it was bleeding. 
Please take this detail into consideration and assess my risk. 
1 months ago
Sir, she was wearing black nylon feet.. I didn't touch her body at all.. But the nylon was smooth.
Please sir answer my questions and help me address my concerns and worries.. I really like your style of words.. They help a lot
1 months ago
My worries sir, is when I touched her feet maybe I touched some blood and then I wiped my nose.
This is question number 8 sir and last one if I had some blood in my hand and I wiped my nose is there any risk?? Is the nose can transmet hiv when I wipe it (I didn't push my finger inside) 
Please sir answer my questions from 1 to 8 as they are the last one. Please sir all of them from 1 to 8.
Thank you
1 months ago
Sir, I didn't see any blood in my hand but what if there was some blood and I didn't see it.
Please answer all my question from 1 to 8 with your habitual style of words. 
1 months ago
And I had no visible cut in my nose sir (from outside of my nose)... So sorry for these several details. I want to cover all the situations and scenarios. 
Please sir answer all my questions from 1 to 8. 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
1 months ago
Sorry, but this is excessive -- and irrational. Follow-up comments are for the purpose of clarifying the original question, not to ask about entirely new scenarios. In addition, the answers are obvious from all I have advised earlier in this thread and your previous one a couple of weeks go.

The answer to all your new numbered questions is the same:  No risk, no worry, no need for testing (and certainly not for PEP), and it is safe to continue sex with your wife. Forget all these events.

Just remember these:  Sexually, there are NO exposures that carry HIV risk unless a penis enters another person's vagina or rectum; even oral sex is zero risk for all practical purposes. And the ONLY blood contacts that are risky for HIV involve obvious wet blood getting into your eyes and maybe mouth, or rubbed into your own fresh wound. Contact with large amounts of obvious blood -- for example, caring for the victim of a auto wreck, gunshot, etc -- is just about the only sort of blood contact that carries risk. Among the millions and millions of HIV infections worldwide in the last 40 years, not one of them is known to have been acquired by contact with blood in any of the ways you have asked about. Not one --  and you're not going to be the first. If your fears like this continue, it is a sign of an emotional disorder that need professional care. Mentally healthy persons do not have such fears and go through their lives without worries like you are asking ab out.nobody in the world -- if there's nas I've already said, nobody in the worlsexual practices that transmit HIV except those involving a penis penetrating another person's vagina or rectum. 

Please note that repeated anxiety driven questions are not permitted. Continued answers tend to prolong anxiety, rather than helping; ASHA does not want to collect posting fees when the answers are obvious; and such questions have little educational value for other readers, one of the forum's main purposes. Therefore, this being your second similar question, it must be your last. Future questions about similar exposures and your fears about them will be deleted without reply and without refund of the posting fee.

Thank you for your understanding. I do hope the two discussion help you move along without worry. I also hope you will seriously consider my advice about professional counseling. Good luck.