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1 months ago
Hello Doctor,

Im back at it again here hopefully you can answer these last questions, and not have to come here again after this. I am alreeady seeking professional help, as I saw it necessary. I plan to move on and not look back after this. Heres a little background information. After the oral strip club event 7 and a half weeks ago, I planned to take tests once more at 6 weeks and move on, but stupidly enough I went back to the strip club 3 weeks after, which has now been 4 and a half weeks since the second time. I knew to be careful this time, I didnt do no oral, penetrative , or any kind of sex at all, but one thing dif happen and thats what I come here for, hopefully you can level my risks. I had a private lap dance with a stripper, she was completely naked, but I wasnt, at no point did my shorts or anything come off, but she was fingering herself, a couple times inserting her finger into her vagina, I did the same thing as well, but I only touched it, I dont recall inserting my fingers all the way in. At one point she got on her knees, and reached into my shorts all the way inside touching my penis, she did this for no more than 5-6 seconds, and for the sake of me I cannot remember if she reached in to my underwear touching my bare penis. Mind you I still had healing open sores on my penis foreskin from the last time I was there, at that point in time the sores were 2 weeks old, they were at about 80% healed, but they were still open , and blood would come out at times when I would retract my foreskin, very little but there was still blood that would come out. Now they are 100% healed and shut, not that it matters but yeah, I come back her here because yesterday I read a question answered here by Dr.Handsfield
that std transmission is possible and even hiv, if there is an open lesion, with blood coming out, and vaginal secretions are massaged into that lesion. He specifically said :if you had a gaping freshly bleeding wound on your penis, and if your partner massaged her own vaginal fluids, HIV might result" I know my wound wasnt fresh , but it was still open, pretty big about 3-4 millimeters and bleeding,whereas this time I just cant recall if she touched my bare penis or not. On to my questions

1.Am I at risk for any STD including HIV from this event.

2. I will test in 1 week in a half for peace kf mind. Which will be 9 weeks from oral sex strip club event, and 6 weeks from the second event. Will my tests be conclusive after 6 weeks for everything including and stds and HIV 1, and 2 ?

3. Can I put it all behind me after I test at 6 weeks ?

4. Before it used to be 4 weeks, conclusive , and now its 6, Do you beleive that time frame will change again one day, having for me to retest ?

Thanks !
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
1 months ago
Welcome back, but I'm afraid the forum cannot help you any further. All these questions were answered -- or the answes should be plainfy obvious -- from the replies from both me and Dr. Hook in your last three threads. Hence my replies are brief.

1) There is no risk for HIV, and almost never risk for other STDs, without penile penetration into a body orifice. You can safely assume that all other sexual exposures and practices are risk free, including all you have described above.

2) Testing is not necessary, but any and all tests you choose to do will be conclusive at the times stated. Except HSV:  I would strongly urge you not to be HSV tested, but if for some reason you do it, be aware that blood tests for HSV2 take up to 4 months to become positive.

3. Yes.

4. A couple of years ago, more detailed data became available, showing that in rare cases it takes up to 6 weeks for conclusive HIV test results. There is no reason to suspect that will change in the future -- unless maybe to return to shorter intervals (maybe back to 4 weeks?) if or when still better tests become available.

I hope these replies are helpful. If you remain concerned, I suggest you go back and carefully re-read all your previous questions and our replies. Proably you'll find the answers there.

Really, mellow out - and try to gain a realistic understanding of STD/HIV risks!

1 months ago
Hello Dr. Handsfield, thanks for your quick response, I do understand that my worries may have been a little to much these last couple of weeks. For that reason I am already seeking help with a counselor. I have asked some same questions I have before, but I hope you do understand these are not the same from when we talked last year. I need a little clarification on the first question, and if you dont mind id like to keep this forum open in case a questiom pops up from here until I get tested.

1. Youve said in a previous question asked by another user that if there was an open lesion that bled, like mine did during that time, and vaginal secretions came in contact , transmissiom was possible, but also that HIV can only be transmitted thru penetrative sex. The lady had touched herself and even fingered herself multiple times before reaching in my shorts and touching my penis, possibly where I had that open lesion on my foreskin Could you give me more insight on that, and explain to me why there wasnt any risk in my sitiation if it was really similar ?

2. Was I ever at risk from the situation mentioned above, even if like I said the lesion was open , and bled, and the stripper touching me with her vaginal secretions?

3. Hsv2 can take up to 3-4 months, any other STD I would need to wait out or is 6 weeks conclusive, even for lets say Syphilis. I tested for Syphilis to see if the open lesion I found 2 weeks after the oral was Syphilis, but it came back negative.

I understand what you mean Dr. I still appreviate everything done in this forum, and trust me , you wont be seeing me here after this.

1 months ago
I also wanted to add, I do have genital hsv1,

4. would that have pit me more at risk from having possible vaginal secretions from tj
hestripper touching me on my foreskin open lesion, or is the risk none ?

5. Whenever you meant that HIV was possible, was that only if it was a large, gaping fresh as in it had just happened in that instant wound like you said? or would that still be impossible ?. My wound was 2 weeks old at that time.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
1 months ago
1. To the extent I recall, I should have said that's a theoretical possibility with few or no known cases in which it happened.

2. As that statement suggests, I can conceive there was some very small risk from an event like you describe. There's also a risk you'll be hit by a meteorite someday. I suggest no difference between these two examples as to what preventive steps you should take or how much you should worry about them.

3. I already said all the other tests would be conclusive at 6 weeks. I see no need to repeat any statement about it.

4. I don't know what specific risk this refers to. See my comment to question 1 above:  "There is no risk for HIV, and almost never risk for other STDs, without penile penetration into a body orifice." My reply on all other potential exposure will always be "no risk for all practical purposes", while sometimes acknowledging theoretical risks.

5. Hair splitting. I don't even know how to define a wound that would creat risk for HIV if exposed. The fact is that this has never been reported to have happened. The only wounds ever documented to result in HIV transmission were sustained by health care personnel, with sharp bloody instruments while caring for HIV infected patients. That's all.

You're worrying about nothing. If you're so scared of the hypothetical risks from the exposures you have described, I suggest stopping such events. It's fine with me if you keep them up, but please stop coming to this forum to ask about them. Our replies will never change:  always little or no risk, no need for testing, but that you're always free to test if you remain nervous about it. 

If you live in the US, then according to the National Safety Council there is 1 chance in 1,756 (last I looked at their website, a few years ago) that you'll die of an accident of some sort in the next 12 months -- auto wreck, fall, drowning, fire, and so on. That irks probably is thousands of times higher than the chance you'll get HIV from the sorts of events you have been asking about. My advice is to use common sense in your sexual lifestyle; get tested if you remain worried; and don't forget your seatbelt or to keep the batteries fresh in your smoke alarms.
1 months ago
Hi Doctor,

In question 4. I was referring to the last event where the stripper touched my penis with her hand which had possible vaginal secretions on it and I with an open sore on my foreskin area. that was just bleeding the day before. I was a tad bit confused from your last answer. So just to put it into simple terms, can I move on, with this being a NO risk event. Where it is impossible to catch HIV or any other STD from this type of event even if somehow her vaginal secretions were left on her fingers and may have touched my open lesions on my penis, mind you my shorts or underwear never came off.

I know the forum will be closed after this, just wanted to thank you once again, and yes I will be taking your advice to not go to these places again. They have caused me so many problems, at least in my head.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
1 months ago
As I have said, you need to distinguish between theoretically possible exposures versus those that are truly zero risk. Shaking hands, massage,hugging, contact through clothing are the last, clearly zero risk. This one is in the fiirst category:  I can conceive of an exceedingly small risk, given your premises about a wound, blood, and vaginal fluids. But as I also said, I would put it in the struck-by-meteorite risk range, which is zero for all practical puproses.

This is your fourth question on the forum, all reflecting similar low- to zero-risk exposures and more HIV fear than warranted. The forum does not permit repeated anxiety driven questions by the same users. This should be your last one; future new questions may be deleted without reply and without refund of the posting fee. This policy is based on compassion, not criticism, and is designed to reduce temptations to keep paying for questions with obvious answers; which have little educational value for other users, one of the forum's main purposes. If similar concerns arise, you would have exactly the same sorts of answers, so what's the point? just re-read this and the previous ones. Thanks for your understanding. I do hope the discussions have been helpful.