[Question #7754] herpes symptoms possibly?

9 days ago
Hey Terri. I tried to register on your website but I kept getting a screen saying locked out. Even when I was trying to read some posts it would keep locking me out. I didn't know if you were aware of this problem, but thought I would let you know.

Anyways I have a few question and here is some background for you.

My husband is HSV1 positive, we don't know if it's oral or genital. I have tested negative HSV1 on multiple IGG tests and two WB tests.

1. A few years ago we went to the beach and this was before we knew he was HSV1 pos, the tip of his penis, he is circumsised, became very inflamed and irritated. The whole opening was swollen, puffy, and red looking, but nothing looked like blisters or ulcerations. He seems to think this was because the mesh on his swim trucks and sand in his trunk might have caused this. He said this happened to him before on a family trip to the beach when he was in high school, when he wasn't sexually active, but I can't be sure if these were the exact same symptoms. Does this sound herpetic? As far I could tell it was only around the opening on the head of his penis.

2. There was a time that he had a sore on his lip. It got pretty infected looking. I'm talking yellowish looking along with being red and swollen. I have always heard that cold sores have a yellowish color when they burst? Is there anything else that could cause that yellow color? He claims he just bit his lip, but I think it very well could have been a cold sore. Could biting your lip trigger a cold sore?

3. He says he gets bumps in his nose from time to time, but they never hurt him. He can just feel them and never sees them. Could this possibly cold sores in the nose. He says they feel firm, so thats makes me think they may just be pimples. But why would someone get pimples that often in the nose?

4. If he has this genitally and we have unprotected sex, if there any real risk of me contracting it? We might have sex twice a week if that, but normally no more than that. Plus, if
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
8 days ago
I'm so sorry about my website, - they are working on fixing it now.
1.  This does not sound herpetic to me, no.
2.  This does sound suspicious for a cold sore outbreak to me.  And yes, biting your lip could give enough trauma to trigger a cold sore.
3.  Yes, people (including myself) can get cold sores in the nose and often cannot see them but rather feel them. 
4.  If he has it orally, it is extremely unlikely that he would subsequently get this genitally.  Just given your description of the oral lesion, it sounds to me like he has it orally or nasally or both, which means he probably will never get it genitally.