[Question #793] Follow up to #722

88 months ago
Hello Drs,

I wanted to follow up on a question I asked earlier( #722).

Anxiety got the best of me and I tested for everything 30 days post exposure.  While I recognize that my risk was small I tested nonetheless.  Everything came back negative. 

I tested for HIV using. 4th gen test as well as HIV rna test (probably overkill, but I panicked)

My question is can I definitively say I did not get HIV? Do I worry about HIV 2?

Also should I test again for Syphilis or Hep c, since I tested so soon?

Edward W. Hook M.D.
88 months ago

Welcome back.  As you know, your risk for infection from your condom protected exposures and receipt of masturbation was effectively no risk.  that said, many persons in your circumstance seek the reassurance that testing provides. 

When you mention your HIV test you indicate an "HIV na test".  Was this a nucleic acid test, an RNA test, or a DNA test.  I ask not because it makes a difference to interpretation of your results but just to be sure I am clear on how you were tested.  Irrespective, your test results are completely conclusive, proving that you were not infected with HIV att eh encounter you have described.  Further testing is not needed and would be a waste of time and money.

HIV-2 is not a concern.  The infection is quite rare outside of West Africa and current tests test for both HIV-1 and HIV-2.

At 30 days the vast majority (>90%) of syphilis and hepatitis C infections would be detected.  When you combine this with the low probability that you were infected, there is no realistic need for further testing.  If your anxiety forces you to test when the testing period is 100% sure then test again at 3 months.  Also, FYI, for all practical purposes, hepatitis C is sexually transmitted almost exclusively through receipt of rectal sex. 


88 months ago
Dr Hook,

Thank you for your quick reply. 

The test was HIV-1 RNA as well as HIV 1/2 4th generation .

As far as Hep C and syphilis I will probably take your advice and accept my results.   I have not noticed any visible sores (syphilils) and honestly the whole event did not last long maybe a min, and it was protected. 

As long as I am HIV negative I can relax.

Thanks again 

Edward W. Hook M.D.
88 months ago
I agree completely with your plan. You are fine and do not need further testing.  EWH