[Question #811] Concerned about possible STDs...Please Help!!

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95 months ago

I am a healthy late 20 something’s male…

Let me start off by saying I am ashamed of my actions and have been combing through online forums for help with my symptoms….

I visited an Asian massage parlor this last Monday and received a sensual massage, handjob with saliva and approx. 8-10 seconds of unprotected oral sex. I did not ejaculate in her mouth. I knew the masseuse to be promiscuous…

I had masturbated a day before and the sides of my penis were slightly red (not bleeding, no open sores)

I asked her if she was clean afterwards and she stated she was clean (don’t really trust her)

I washed thoroughly with antibacterial handsoap 5 minutes afterwards and even put some down “peehole”

About 3 days after exposure, my penis began to have a mild tingling/mild burning feeling on the head and is sensitive to the touch. NO Discomfort during Urination and no visible anomalies on penis. On 3.5-4 days after exposure, I began to have flu-like symptoms including nausea, feeling like I’m run down, chills/sweats, possible mild fever (comes and goes)…..

I went to urgent care and they prescribed me with Acyclovir and gave me shots/antibiotics for chlamydia and gonorrhea…

I took full STD tests at local health clinic including HIV/HERPES blood tests (3 days after exposure) and am anxiously awaiting results.

Fast forward to present day (6 days from possible exposure), the penis head burning/tingling has subsided a little bit but still comes and goes, no pain/discomfort during urination, penis head still sensitive to the touch. Not too sure if I have a fever or not but still feeling run down and a little nauseous with some chills/sweats

still nothing visibly unusual on penis…

I am very anxious/nervous and have been stressing over this situation a lot


My questions are as follows:

1.     In your professional opinion, does it sound like I contracted an STI/STD?

2.     If so, which one?

3.     I took STD tests 3 days after exposure, will the results be accurate?

4.     Can I resume sexual activity with my partner without passing anything onto her?

5.     Is there anything I can do to better my current situation at this time?


Thank y’all so much in advance by helping me out in this difficult time. 

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
95 months ago

Welcome to the Forum.  The exposure that you describe was very, very low risk for acquisition of any STI.  Even though your partner was a commercial sex worker, most CSWs do not have STIs and even when they do, most exposures to infected partners do not lead to infection.  In the case of the events you describe, there is no risk for any STI from receipt of masturbation and the risk of STI from receipt of oral sex is quite low- only gonorrhea and NGU are transmitted by oral sex with any meaningful frequency- HIV is not, nor is syphilis or herpes unless your partner had an obvious sore on her lips.  Further, the antibiotics you took would have cured gonorrhea and NGU if they were present and would have prevented syphilis from developing.  At this point I see no reason at all for you to be concerned.

1.     In your professional opinion, does it sound like I contracted an STI/STD?

No, see above.  The symptoms that you do describe are most suggestive of the sort of sensations persons tend to experience when they are looking too hard for STI symptoms- this leads to noticing normal sensations that would otherwise be overlooked. There are no STIs which cause symptoms that come and go

2.     2. If so, which one?

See See above

3.     3.  I took STD tests 3 days after exposure, will the results be accurate?

YYYYour tests will be accurate for gonorrhea and chlamydia.  Tests for herpes would detect prior, previously undetected infection, not one acquired just a few days before.  There was no need for HIV or syphilis tests but if performed, they would not be accurate at 3 days.

4.     4.  Can I resume sexual activity with my partner without passing anything onto her?


5.     5.  Is there anything I can do to better my current situation at this time?

PPPlease do your best to move forward from here.  There is no risk that you have an STI from this exposure at this time.  There is also no benefit to you from continued anxiety or worry.  If you are feeling guilty about the events, you will need to work through this- discussing your error in judgment (although many would argue that you have done nothing wrong, this is a personal judgment) with your girlfriend or, if that is not possible a trained counselor.

I hIIII hope these comments are helpful to you.  EWH

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95 months ago

Thank you so much for your reply doctor. It has helped me deal with this in many ways.

I wanted you to please address some additional concerns that I have. You have convinced me that I probably don’t have HIV. Just mainly concerned about Herpes now.

My chlamydia/Gonorrhea tests have come back negative…

Herpes/HIV tests still pending.


The burning/tingling on my penis head has become more severe at times and I’d say that it now persists for about 75% of the day. Subsides when moving around on feet, worsens at time during sitting.

And I still have no appetite and mild diarrhea….

All other symptoms have virtually disappeared.


I have been taking Acyclovir 400mg tabs 3x/day since 3 days post exposure…


1.     You mentioned that I could have possibly contracted Herpes… What are the statistical chances of rate of transmission from fellatio from infected partner?


2.     When would be the earliest time I can test for herpes and it show up on test?


3.     What could be possible reasons all other symptoms disappeared and penis burning has increased?


4.     Could taking Acyclovir have any effect of STD results?


5.     I did not see sore on CSW’s mouth, could asymptomatic shedding occur in this situation? What are your thoughts?



Thanks again for all of your help and support. It means so much. 

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
95 months ago

1.  If your partner was infected and there were no visible oral lesions and if you do not already have HSV-1, your risk for acquiring HSV are less than 1 in 10,000.  In the absence of lesions, your symptoms in no way suggest herpes. 

2.  We do not recommend testing for herpes unless you develop lesions. 

3.  Your symptoms may well be a manifestation of anxiety or, possibly repeated self examination.

4.  The are no scientific data to answer this question. 

5.  See above.

A week has now passed since your exposure.  If you had acquired herpes, you would most likely have developed lesions by this time.  My advice is to stop worrying about this low risk exposure and move forward without concern.  EWH