[Question #848] conflicting diagnosis from different doctors

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94 months ago
3 years ago I had what appeared to be an ingrown hair infection doctor confirmed it, but took a herpes culture and it came back abnormal

At least 3 blood tests and a dna blood sample over the course of 3 years and all tests did not detect any HSV 1 or 2.  my doctor said I was clear. 

Recently got diagnosed with foliculitis by 1 doctor, a second opinion took another culture for herpes and again came back as abnormal, but still no simplex type has been found in my system to this day. 

both times I've had red bumps appear around the hair follicles under my belly away from my shaft both outbreaks occured after rough intercourse and i always wear condoms.  no partners have ever reported anything in last 3 years.  do i have herpes?  if so what type?  how do i find out?