[Question #855] Hsv 2 igm positive test

87 months ago
I have had cold sores all my life. I have recently been tested for hsv 1 and 2  via the igm absindirect.  It came back with results of hsv1: <1:10 and hsv2: 1:100.  I have no symptoms of hsv 2 and never have.  I don't understand how I can have a negative(hsv1) for something I know I have and a positive for hsv2. I have taken a igg herpeselect blood test today(6/13) for hsv2. I'm just so confused.  I just need clarity.
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
87 months ago
Let me ask you first - why did you test for HSV?   Do you have any risk of having newly acquired HSV 2 infection?  In general, the IgM test is terrible and should never be used to try to diagnose herpes.  It has many false positives - in my experience, at least 80% of positive IgM tests are false positives.  Let me know why you tested