[Question #856] ars? confused...

83 months ago
dear dr handfield, before 3 days i wrote to you about my exposure with transexual prostitue at malta. this is my original question - before few days I've been at Malta for vacation. one night when I was drunk I take service from transexual local csw. the encounter include just mutual masturbation, rubbing my penis against her buttocks (without penetrate at all), she also licked for a few seconds my testicles and my penis but not the head of my penis. she licked my anus for no more than 1 minute. what makes me much worried is the fact she asked me to penetrate her without condom of course I didn't do it, and the fact she used drugs (she use cocaine in front   of me) all those plus her gender saying that that good chance she have HIV. I asked her and she told me she is negative and chacked twice a year . now I'm real worried, don't know if I can sleep with my wife because that stupid incident. please help me, I'm in depression.

youre answer was - that i'm not need to worry at all and it was zero risk encounter. of course i respect it and it made me feel much better. 
one day after you answered me i started to develop disease -  something like flu - sore throat, high fever (38.2 C) neck and muscles pain. lose appetite.
all those started about 2 week after the exposure.
im really afraid those can be ars, i looked again on the original question that i've been asked and i didnt miss any part. but when i wrote that i rubbed my penis against her buttocks when  i meaned there is possiblity i rubed the outside of her anus to but again, for sure i didnt penetrate her.
 my common sesnse telling me that its just a flu or some cold disease, but i wasn't sick for years so i can ignore the proximity to the incident.
is it possible those are ars?
how long ars are last?
Edward W. Hook M.D.
83 months ago

Welcome back to our Forum.  Dr. Handsfield and I answer questions interchangeably and today I happened to pick up your most recent question.  In preparing to respond, I reviewed your earlier question and agree with all that Dr. Handsfield has said - the exposure that you describe was a no risk event that DID NOT put you at any risk for HIV, even if she was infected (and as Dr. Handsfield has said, it is statistically unlikely that she had HIV).

Believe your common sense. You have the sort of flu-like illness that many people acquire from time to time, particularly if they have been traveling.  These are caused by an enormous number of different viruses.  Even when persons who are at risk for HIV (and you are not) are tested, less than 1% of flu-like illness is caused by the ARS.  There is no medical or scientific reason for you to be concerned about the exposure that you have described.  Similarly, there is no medical reason for testing. 

I hope this reply is helpful to you.  Please don't worry.  EWH

83 months ago
thank you for you're response. today, 4 days after this disease started I'm filling much better. no fever, no sweat's and seems like the sore throat gone.
trying to listen you're advice and forget all this story. 
I read a lot about ars on the internet and it made me confused. some says ars last at least 2 weeks some saying from couple days to weeks. some saying it's feel like "the bad flu ever", mine was bad but not like this.
will be happy if you can tell me how last ars, and if it's really filling so bad.
thanks again, hope to be fine.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
83 months ago
I urge you to understand that your illness is not at all typical of the ARS which classically a severe illness that lasts a wek or less.  I will say once more, THE EXPOSURE YOU DESCRIBE DID NOT PUT YOU AT RISK FOR HIV.  Trying to get guidance from the Internet is not a good idea.  It will mislead you.  EWH---