[Question #890] Can this be early HIV sinthoms?

81 months ago
So 11days and half ago i had protected sex with a girl i had just meet. As I explained in my previous post most sexual behavior was protect apart from kissing (french kissing), some body rubing (in which our genitals could have touched ... maybe a slight penetration or a very intense close genital rubing), some spiting used as lub and one thing i forgot to mention is that i did teased her on her groin/vagina with my mouth for about 4/5 seconds. 

So yesterday night (almost 11 days after the encounter) i started feeling a slight disconfort on my neck althought there are no visible swallowing (althought it does feel a bit swallon on the inside),my tongue is a bit white and today my throat started hursting a litle (really quite mild) when swallowing liquid/saliva (i do see a small whute dot... like a pen dot on the place where it seems to hurt) my throat also has some small little "bumps" which i have no idea if are normal or were there before. 
throat https://postimg.org/image/db0pq587b/
Could this synthoms be early HIV just after 11 and half days? is it normal for the synthoms to be this mild most things i read were extreme. Or can they start mild and grow from today foward? 
I'm a bit paranoid with all this and i've been reading eveyrthing i find about std in the past 3/4 days. I also have a slight diarrhea and bad saliva taste but this could be from the anthibiotics(anti-inflammatory) i'm taking  for the backpain i refered in my previous post. 

I know in my last post i was told i had low risk but i find confort and piece of mind in your words.
Thank you in advance
Edward W. Hook M.D.
80 months ago

I'm sorry you continue to worry about what was essentially a no risk encounter.  My sense from our earlier exchange is that you continue to worry and as a result, are looking very hard for symptoms, perhaps sometimes noting sensations that you would not pay any attention to if you were not worried about this encounter, and then thinking that these sensations are a sign of HIV or some other STI.  This is a situation that we see regularly on this forum.

When persons are having the ARS as part of having recently acquired HIV, they are typically quite sick with high fevers, severe sore throat and severe muscle and/or joint aches.  Some patients also have diarrhea or a rash as a part of their illness. 

We do not look at pictures on the site as our experience is that all too often they are misleading.  When persons are converting to HIV, their throats are quite sore.

If your description of the events which occurred are accurate, then I am quite confident that your symptoms are not due to HIV.  If you must, if this is HIV, a 4th generation, combination HIV antibody/antigen test would be positive at this time.  If you test, I predict the result will be negative and then I hope you will believe your test results.  EWH

80 months ago
Hi Dr. Edward, 

i'm indeed worried and  the fact that it i keep reading that having a tests this soon is not reliable is making me anxyous not know either if i have anything or not. 

I went to the doctor and he told me I have minor tonsillitis on my throat (could this be connected to any std?) also today i woke up with a minor/mild disconfort in my groin (maybe joint? not sure how to distingue them) which i also had before around 6/7 days ago but it got better and now its back but feels different, the previous one was mostly when moving this one is also hurts when moving but i also feel it  without any movements) my left testicle also feels slightly disconfort again (i guess its connected to the groin/hip since they seem to come and go together).  

What i'm most afraid from the encounter is the spitting on my penis and the genital rubing which i don't believe that there was penetration (but again in the heat of the moment is hard to be 100% sure... even so i was on top and if there was any penetration it would have been just two or threetimes). Is there high risks on this? 

Also whats the risk of hiv transmition when giving oral sex to a girl for a really short time (10/15 secs)? 
Can ARS synthoms be very mild? Or can they start mild and grown in the next couple of days? 
could you elabora a bit on the prognosis  you would you give me (hopefully it will peace my mind a bit)? Can i get tested with accuracy only after 11 days and half? Can ARS start as soon as 11/12 days? 

I keep telling myself that there is really low risks and that 11/12 days is just to early for any synthoms in other hand i'm afraid that the  anti-inflammatory medice i'm taking (Ibuprofen 400grams) is making my synthoms mild. 

thank you once again Dr. =)
Edward W. Hook M.D.
80 months ago

You now have both my opinion and that of your doctor which suggest that you not worry but you continue to, even doubting test results.  This makes no logical sense- your contact was virtually no risk and tests are highly reliable.  If these concerns continue to worry you, I would urge you to discuss these concerns and the resulting anxiety with a mental health professional (counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist) to help you address these irrational concerns.  STD and HIV symptoms do not come and go.

Neither HIV nor other STIs are spread by spitting.  There are no data, anywhere to suggest that they are.  As far as penetration is concerns, we have found that most people who are unsure about penetration did not - if you had penetrated your partner, you would know it. 

Similarly, there are no known cases in which HIV has been acquired by performing oral sex on an infected woman.  This is essentially a virtually no risk activity. 

Fewer than half of persons who get HIV have ARS symptoms.  Whether those who do not have classical ARS have mild symptoms or not is unknown.  I would suspect that some people who acquire HIV do have "mild" symptoms.  That does not change the no risk nature of your exposures.

If your symptoms are due to HIV, it is close to certain that a 4th generation, combination HIV antigen/antibody test will be positive.  If you are not having ARS, the results of a 4th generation test are completely reliable at 4 weeks and two week (or 11 day) results are strong but not completely reliable evidence that you were not infected.  EWH

80 months ago
Hi Dr. Edward,

Thank you again for the reply, i actually feel quite more calm in this last couple of days. The only exams i did was urine exams i still haven't tested blood .
The only things bothering me now is a lower back pain which has been here since last monday/tuesday  (so a week after the encounter) and diarraeh (my abdomen might also be slighly swallow) which also started around the same time.... Could this be connected to any std starting that soon? Diarreah is mostly only in the morning.

From what i understood if this synthoms were infact ARS then the 4th generation test would already  detect any hiv presence is that it? 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
80 months ago

Your questions are becoming repetitive and asking the same question repeatedly will not change my answers.  the events you describe were safe sex with virtually no risk for infection.  Both low back pain and diarrhea are non-specific findings which are more suggestive of anxiety than STI. 

As I said before, if this were the ARS (I  am confident that it is not) your 4th generation HIV test would be positive.

This is my third reply to your questions and as described in our Forum guidelines, this will be my final response as part of this thread.  AS I close the thread I will repeat my earlier advice once again- "I would urge you to discuss these concerns and the resulting anxiety with a mental health professional (counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist) to help you address these irrational concerns. "  Your complaints are not suggestive of HIV or other STIs. 

this thread will be closed in a few hours.  EWH