[Question #90] Risk of STD/STI through clothes

97 months ago
What is the risk of getting an STD/STI through clothes? I went to a strip club, and the stripper put her mouth to my penis while I was fully clothed. She then breathed on my penis through my jeans and underwear. I felt the warmth of her breath on my penis. There was no skin to skin contact between her and my penis. What am I at risk for? I have read that clothes are a pretty good barrier, but wanted some expert advise.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
97 months ago

Welcome to our Forum.  I'll be pleased to answer you question and am equally pleased to tell you that there is no risk, whatsoever for acquisition of STIs through clothing.  This is the case even in instances when the clothing involved gets wet with either one of the participants' genital secretions.  The bacteria and viruses of STIs are actually quite fragile and die quickly on exposure to air.  Further, for a variety of complex biochemical reasons, when infected secretions come into contact with fibers which make up cloth, they actually "stick" to the fibers and therefore have no chance to pass through the material.  Thus transmission of STIs through intact clothing without DIRECT skin-to-skin contact will not lead to infection.  There is no reason for concern and no reason for testing related to the encounter you describe above. 

I hope this comment is helpful to you- take care.  EWH