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93 months ago

I had an exposure with a CSW, Asian, late 30's in age. Exposure consisted of 2-3 minutes of unprotected oral followed by 30 sec. of protected vaginal with ejaculation. I did not look at the condom as it was provided by her and put on by her as well. That day, I started taking a prescribed dose of ciprofloxacin 750mg 2x per day for 10 days.

5 days after exposure, I was tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea via a urine NAAT test through an online service (stdcheck.com) with both results coming back negative.

First off, I have read many posts on here and on medhelp saying that 5 days is sufficient time for accurate testing of chlamydia and gonorrhea but have also read ten times as many sites and articles saying that it is not enough time. Is the test that I took at 5 days accurate?

Second, what are the chances that the 5 days that I had been on cipro cause a false negative?

Third, even with the negative tests, I have had a slight testicular pain. No discharge and every once in a while, a slight itch at the tip of my penis (not very severe at all).  Testicles are not swollen and pain seems to diminish when I am active as well as maybe a handful of times, there has been an almost ticklish feeling in the tip of my penis.

It has now been 11 days without any major symptoms aside from the testicular discomfort.

Also, I would like to note that the cipro was not being taken as a treatment for the exposure, but something else entirely.
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93 months ago
One last thing regarding the urine test, it was not my first urine of the day. It was roughly an hour after my previous output and I had drank a bottle of water in order to be able to pee. 
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Edward W. Hook M.D.
93 months ago

Welcome to the Forum.  I'll be pleased to provide some comments.  I would assume that your condom protected vaginal exposure was a no risk event.  If your condom had failed, it would have broken wide open and you would know it.  As for your unprotected exposure, the risk of acquiring an STI from any single exposure, particularly an oral exposure is quite low.  (Most people do not have infections and even when they do, most exposures to infected persons do not lead to infection.) Further, had you been exposure to gonorrhea, the ciprofloxacin you were taking would have either prevented or cured any infection which might have occurred.  Thus, while there is a theoretical possibility that your ciprofloxacin might have masked infection this is most unlikely.  My advice is that you should be confident that you were not infected however, if you remain concerned because of the antibiotics you were taking, you could repeat your urine test to prove that you were not infected.  I am confident that if you choose to re-test, your test will be negative and personally, I do not think you need additional testing.

The symptoms you describe are non-specific and are more typical of the sorts of sensations persons experience when they are looking hard for symptoms and detect otherwise normal sensations than true symptoms of infection,  They are not suggestive of an STI.

Finally, your urine tests are accurate.  You do not need to have the first urine of the day collected to accurately detect STIs. 

I hope these comments are helpful.  EWH