[Question #907] HepB risk with condom use

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94 months ago
Hi Drs.,
Thank you for your accurate advice in the HIV forum.  I did a follow up 4th gen past 90 days and it was indeed negative as you expected.

I need your advice on the risks of hepatitis B transmission from female to male when a condom is used.

My scenario is the same one described in my other thread.  Massage girl put condom on with mouth, brief oral, less than 2 minutes vaginal, condom appeared intact after.

After my encounter I had labcorp panel and was negative for HBV at 10 days post.  This would be the only encounter of concern

1. Is it possible to acquire HBV in this scenario?  If so, what are the probabilities?

2. Can HBV be transmitted by her body fluids coming into contact with cuts, etc?

3. Can HBV be transmitted from masturbation, fingering her, etc with cuts and hangnails, etc on hand?

Thank you.


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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
94 months ago
Sigh. What exactly did you think I meant by my closing statement in your previous thread?  "Repeated anxiety driven questions are against forum policy. Do not start another question on this forum about this same exposure and testing; it would be deleted without reply and without refund of the posting fee."

Any common sense understanding would be that the answers to your previous questions apply to hepatitis B virus. You obviously are irrationally obsessed by a sexual decision you regret. Deal with the emotional aspects as you need to, but don't confuse this with STD risks. They aren't the same. Also, if as a child you were vaccinated against HBV, as were most people your age, you couldn't be infected even if exposed.

1) No data are available, but most likely zero risk for all practical purposes.

2) Theoretically yes, but this also is rare if it occurs at all.

3) Probably not.

As noted above, by rights this question would have been deleted without reply. In any case, I am closing it now. Do not try to post any more questions that have anything to do with this exposure.