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103 months ago
In a nutshell, I am worried that I transferred oral herpes to my genitals because I intensively kissed a girl who then 
gave me oral sex.  I've read in some forums that is not possible for oral herpes to relocate but I've also gotten mixed 
advice.  To clarify this, I would greatly appreciate it if you guys read my time log of what occurred. (forgive my  horrible grammar)

up to 2013: I had a couple hsv blood tests from Kaiser that came back negative

6/11/15: Initial Symptoms of sore throat, fever/headache

6/12/15: Multiple painful severe cold sores on bottom lip

6/13/15: Went to Kaiser and they  swab tested my sores and back throat which confirmed "Strep Throat" and "Herpes".
HSV 1 was not confirmed because the swab tests from Kaiser cannot isolate which HSV it is but it was assumed it was HSV 1 
because of the location.  

6/15/15: Sore throat, fever/headache and cold stores still persisted

6/26/15: All symptoms were gone but cold sores were still slowly healing

7/3/15: Cold sores were almost visually gone

7/10/15: Cold sores are visually gone

And now I bring you back to why I am concerned.  On 7/10/15 I went to Vegas and intensively kissed a girl and then she 
gave me oral sex for about 20 minutes.  I did this with her again on 7/11/15.  I was worried that maybe the 
HSV was shedding from my lips and since I was kissing her it was on her lips. I might be overthinking it but I was 
heavily intoxicated that weekend with lack of sleep and food so I'm assuming my immune system was VERY weak and 
susceptible to viruses. (hence why I came back with a flu after that trip)

as of 8/13/15 (five weeks since that vegas trip) I had no symptoms of genital herpes but...

8/14/15: my lower lip started to tingle.  I didn't know that it was a symptom for another herpes re occurrence so I ignored it.

8/15/15: I met that same girl in Los Angeles and we did kiss and she gave me oral sex again.

8/16/15: I felt a minor lump where the tingling was occurring.

8/17/15: The cold sore appeared again on that same location where it was tingling.

Now I am being paranoid again because since my lip was tingling with a minor lump that night(8/15/15), I'm thinking that 
the HSV virus was shedding when we were kissing and when I was receiving oral sex.  My immune system was weak because I 
didn't have food all day because I took 30mg(instant release) of adderall and I did drink a lot of alcohol that night.     

I know this is a lot of information but I just want to know what my risks are for getting genital herpes from my oral herpes when the hsv was shedding and my immune system was weakened.  

Thank You

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Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
103 months ago
You had two months to make antibody to the original HSV 1 infection prior to receiving oral sex from this person in LA.  The person in Vegas is a little earlier, just about a month after the initial cold sore appeared.  But by three week from infection, 50% of people will have made antibody so at four weeks, more than half will have done so.  I would say that the chances of virus being transferred from your mouth to your genitals by her is quite low.  I can't say it is zero but if you have no genital lesions, I think that is reassuring.  There really isn't any way to know for certain the answer to the question that you ask.  If you develop any genital lesions I would recommend that you have the evaluated right away but again, I think this is very unlikely.