[Question #957] bleeding hands

88 months ago
Sir, I have a doubt regarding the bleeding hands
1)if my hand is injured and actively bleeding, my hands came in contact with another person's actively bleeding hand. What's the risk??

2)when I am actively bleeding,blood coming out,so even if my  wound come in contact with another person's actively bleeding wound  ,blood won't going inside my wound. Is this correct??

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
88 months ago
I'm pretty sure you are the same person with username jubil, who has asked two repetative anxiety driven questions about obviously low risk events, showing evidence of abnormal anxiety about HIV from nonsexual exposures. Repetative anxiety driven questions are not permitted on the forum, and neither is use of multiple usernames by the same person. If I'm wrong, I apologize. But you'll have to use the available links to contact forum administration and convince them you're a new user, and then I will reply. Otherwise this thread will be deleted. I'll just add that you should seriously consider professional counseling. Such fears and compulsive anxities are not normal, especially after the reasoned, science based advice you have had from Dr. Hook.

88 months ago
If you can answer my questions , it will be great relief and help for life
Thank you