[Question #962] HIV Fears

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94 months ago
I´m a 27 year old male living in Monterrey, Mexico.

For the last year I´ve been engaging in sex with CSW´s, during this period I´ve had several broken condoms (11 times of those 9 vaginal two anal) with different girls,I believe because of rough sex because for real I always put a condom, of those incidents two times I had a broken condom during anal sex with the same girl, this girl keeps working at the same brothel, I know that they ask them to get regular STD test in order to work in this place given that the local law requiere the girls to do so in order to work, but rules here in Mexico are always circumvented, so I asked the girl directly and she told me she has been tested but I really dont believe her (I´m paranoid by nature).
So for the las six months or more I´ve had a terrible gingivitis that wont go away no matter what I do, already went to the dentist and followed his advise, and everything else and it wont go away, so I started thiking about my sexual behavior, I have not been tested in more than a year for HIV, and started to have fears that my mouth health problems are related to an HIV symptom, this because I read somewhere online that a common problem with HIV infected people is mouth infections and a common one of those is linear gingival erythema, ive been looking at pictures online and it looks a lot to what I have. This mouth problem started with a sore throat and cold sores inside my mouth that lasted for about a week, these went away but the gingival problem didn´t.
 I want you to answer if my symptoms are possible due to HIV and what risk given what I explained do you asses that I have and should I get tested?

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
94 months ago

Welcome to the Forum. I will try to help.  Gingivitis is a non-specific problem best addressed by your dentist but is not a sign of HIV.  If you are concerned about HIV, you should test for the infection- a test with the widely available, 4th generation antigen/antibody tests for HIV will provide you with reliable results at any time more than 4 weeks after an exposure.  It is time for you to test.  I anticipate that the results of a test will be negative an will help to reassure some of your fears.

I would add that it is unusual for persons to experience as many condom failures as you seem to have.  Is there a problem with size, lack of lubrication, the brand of condom or something else.  this sounds like a very high condom failure rate.

I hope these comments are helpful.  EWH