[Question #982] Received test results

88 months ago
Hello Dr. Handsfield

I just wanted to follow up with you on some results I got back. After explaining to you my situation a broken condom in August of last year and my only other sexual encounter since which was in early July which was with a condom but oral unprotected you calmingly told me that I could expect negative results for HIV and also for ghonorea and clahmydia (sic). I told you I had a slight tingle and mild burn but not during urination and you said that if it was one of the latter it would come and go and would most likely be continuous. Also there was no discharge etc. 

Well as you expected all results came back negative and my final questions are the oral was done 13 days before my test, is this a safe enough amount of time for the latter to STIs I was worried about? I know you already felt I didn't even nee tests for those as those were extremely low risk thru oral only but just wanted to check on timing. 

As far as HIV although you thought the broken condom thru vaginal only sex was very low risk for HIV you seemed baffled at why I wouldn't test for that as well. So as you suggested I went to a rapid testing center but they performed a oral swab test which they said was 99% if it was for an encounter greater than six months and that a blood test would be accurate after a month etc. obviously this encounter was almost a year ago with no other instances of concern since so are you confident with an oral rapid test? I have never seen or heard of such a thing. 

Thanks a have a nice weekend. 

88 months ago
Dr. Handsfield again I am having trouble with the interface and it has used a personal name for my profile. Last time you were generous enough to have the staff change it. Can you please change it to anything else. This time I looked for anywhere to ensure it didn't happen again but on the iPhone it just was not ascertainable. Please and thank you sir. 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
88 months ago
The moderators can search for past questions only by username. Not knowing what yours was that time, I cannot easily find your previous thread. I'll ask the web adminstrator to get in touch again to sort it out and correct your username this time, but probably it won't happen until after the weekend.

You're basically asking the time delay necessary for various STD tests, whether or not you were really at risk. Gonorrhea/chlamydia urethral swab or urine: 2-3 days, maybe up to 5 days for chlamydia. HIV (4th gen test) 4 weeks. Hepatitis B and C, 6 weeks. HSV1 and HSV2 12-16 weeks.

The information you received about HIV testing and the oral fluids test was exactly correct.

I hope this helps. Best wishes and stay safe--  HHH, MD