[Question #987] Follow up questions and new concerns.

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94 months ago
Hello doctors, I have come back again with some new questions and concerns. I know I have been asking a lot from you recently, but as time passes and my results come in, my fears change and I get new questions. My last 2 posts are #922 and #961

Since my last post I have gone to a urologist that told me my penis looked normal and my results at 11weeks and 2 days were conclusive. He didn't mention my penile discomforts being STD related but I assume from him not mentioning it that they aren't. I asked him if my anxiety/fear could cause this and he said it could be part of it but didn't say what could cause it. Based off his answer, what else could cause this small pain?

Now to my specific questions and concerns. 

It's been 3 months and 4 days since my exposure. Since then I have not had any painful urination or discharge that I have noticed. I have not had painful blisters/ulcers/lesions. I have had very small itching that I want to say is normal. Sometimes I get an itch on the tip of my penis. 2 weeks after the exposure, a doctor diagnosed a yeast infection on my thigh next to my penis which went away in a month with some miconozal cream. Since then it hasn't come back or it least in the same spot/size. I have not had any large or noticeable growths that I can say are warts for sure and every little "bump" I've had I have shown to my doctors and they have told me it's nothing to worry about.


How soon does herpes appear. What about warts?

Does my yeast infection sound like a mild herpes outbreak even though I have not had another one or any painful blisters/ lesions?

If I'm past the period that herpes and warts would appear without any symptoms/signs, can I assume Im free of those 2?

When you guys say "most people with HPV don't show signs or symptoms", are you guys talking about the high risk strains  only or does that include warts as well?

As you can see, herpes and warts are now fueling most of my fear, worry, depression. I know I have asked similar questions but I would like to have one forum where I have answers to these specific things.

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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
94 months ago
Sorry to see you back and that you remain so unreasonably concerned. Directly to your new questions:

1) Herpes symptoms typically start 3-5 days after catching it, sometimes up to 10 days. Warts usually appear 2-6 months after exposure, sometimes up to a year.

2) Herpes doesn't cause a rash on the thigh. Both the location and the nature of the rash are wrong for herpes.

3) You can be confident you did not catch either infection, primarily because the exposure was low risk. Either of these can cause infection without symptoms.

4) HPV and symptoms: The statement applies to all HPV types, both high and low risk.

It is clear that our reasoned, science based advice isn't helping. Your problem is psychological, and hearing more facts from us about STDs isn't going to help, but will only waste your money and everyone's time. And repeated anxiety driven questions are not permitted on this forum. Therefore, there will be no further discussion on this thread; and this will be your last question on the forum. Any others after this will be deleted without reply, and without refund of the posting fee. Call if tough love if you like, but that's the way it will be. If you continue to have quesitons about your STD risks from the exposure you are so concerned about, go back and carefully re-read the replies in your other threads; the answers are there. And continue to work with your therapist. Good luck.