[Question #990] Performed Oral Sex on FSW -- HIV Symptoms?

88 months ago
This is a follow up to a question I asked on July 17. I performed oral sex on a female sex worker for about 30 seconds -- she was very wet. She also rubbed my penis on her vagina for about 15 seconds, but there was no penetration. Last week, Dr. Hook answered my initial question, stating that he estimates my HIV risk at 1 in 100,000. That assured me. However, on the fifth day following exposure, I developed a strange body ache that I've never before experienced -- a shooting pain (but not very painful) at various points in my body (head, stomach, leg, testicle, arm, neck, etc). I am now on the 9th day following exposure and this strange body ache has been constant now for the past four days. Additionally, over the past three days I've felt weak and lacking energy, and, most recently (today), I have diarrhea. Given these new symptoms, should I be more worried about HIV now than when Dr. Hook provided his original answer? What about other STD's? Should I have a complete screening based on this single exposure from nine days ago? Note: Besides the three I've mentioned, there are no other symptoms. Thanks - Guilty and Confused
Edward W. Hook M.D.
88 months ago
Welcome back to the forum.  I'm sorry that this exposure continues to worry you.  My assessment of your risk is unchanged.  there are no STIs (including HIV) that cause the sorts of body aches that you describe, diarrhea is a non-specific symptoms that could be due to any number of causes (including anxiety) and my estimate that your risk of HIV being less than 1 in 100,000 was conservative.  you are not going to be the first person to get HIV from performing oral sex on a woman on unknown infection status.  I am confident that your tests will be negative.. EWH